From Wasps to New Porch!!


What you see in this picture is the honeycomb that the wasps had inside of the porch and wall of the house my family is currently renting…it was pretty scary at the end of last summer when we realized what was going on, and that they had gotten inside of the house enough to break a hole through the sheet rock.

Fortunately for us it was late enough in the season that our little friends died, we reported it to the property management company and last week voila! 3 different guys and the landlords mother came by a few times and it was determined that we would be getting a new deck. Considering how little I trusted the old one I was very happy about this, I never dreamed how fast it would happen though! It was 2-3 days of a father son duo working the magic and after tearing down the old deck, a new one was built! I’m much less nervous about letting the kids out there now since they reduced the spacing between the slats and gave it some more height too. Yay!!


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We (He) Found Eggs!!!

Geoff got home and decided to take a look for the eggs, I hadn’t found them and he wanted to give it a go. I had focused most of my looking on the bushes and behind the shed. I thought he was a little crazy to go look (it was almost dark!) but he grabbed a flashlight and went for it…and just a few minutes later was pounding on the wall saying to grab the camera and an egg carton(!).

So, I grabbed both (I actually grabbed two egg cartons just in case) and started climbing around the fence and WOW!!

Bakers Dozen!!

She had found a little nook alongside of the house and under some ivy to lay her eggs…it is really sweet and it really makes me think that she might be wishing for some little baby chicks…she did such a good job laying them all right there so neatly! Not to mention breaking out of the yard for the past TWO WEEKS so she could do it.

Glittery Sparkle's Nest

We think the other chickens must have just kicked her out of the other spots, Sunowy and Fluffy (our Americana chickens) are laying in the same part of the coop and Sunshine (Buff Orpington) has a spot by the backdoor alongside the house. For a while Glittery Sparkle was laying where Sunshine lays, then by the other ones but something changed…we will see I suppose over the next few days as the first challenge is keeping her IN the yard.

This is an update for Hunt for the Missing Eggs….

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Hunt for the Missing Eggs….

Okay, so it has been a few days since our chicken named “Glittery Sparkle” has been getting out of the yard…and after collecting eggs for a few days I realized that we are not getting her eggs! As you can see in this picture, she is on the left outside the chicken wire and the other three are in:

Escapee on the left

So I decided to go check it out, normally I’d just toss her back over the fence but this time I was investigating…

Through the vines

Behind the shed...

I thought it was fun that she kept following me, and I was hoping she might intuitively guide me to the eggs, but I finally had to admit that maybe I am not able to think like a chicken. So the mystery of where the eggs are being laid continues, and at this point I’m thinking I’ll send the kids in the backyard to start searching for eggs.

I couldn’t help but think she looked proud…I wonder if she knows she is fooling me…

Proud Chicken

Update!! We (He) Found Eggs!!

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Tracking Workouts…

I’ve been enjoying using my fitbit to track my activity, it’s true that I usually miss a day of tracking every now and then because I forget to put it back on after plugging it to charge but I’m getting better at that part! I thought I’d post a link to my Fitbit Profile here so you can join me in this tracking adventure if you are interested, and in case you don’t have a Fitbit yet I’ve got a link for that too…If you’re ready to make a change and change your life, try a Fitbit tracker today.

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Bad day? Run!

This was the approach I took yesterday. What started this all was going to Wholefoods to get my little guy some crackers, just crackers, and then unexpectedly having my bank card fail. Not a huge deal since I know I’ll have money soon but what a lame start to the day!

After I dropped him off at school and was trying to focus on my work, I found I was still frustrated by this tiny little moment. I decided that I would RUN.

I went to the gym after this with the goal set to run at LEAST 3 miles, I’m happy to say that in the half hour or so that it took I only stopped once and it was only because my shoe got untied! It was a great way to improve my mood, reach a goal that was a challenge, and then move on to a more productive day.

I am happy that despite sometimes going for months without using it that we have maintained our gym memberships for moments like this…really I think for me the gym is therapy, for years I have used it to force myself out of my head when I get stuck in negative thinking.

Today I am kind of sore from running (or maybe from the kettlebell exercises on Monday!) but overall I feel good. I know that once I’m not sore I can do it again and it will probably be even easier! The mode I had the treadmill at was the ‘interval’ mode and I set the harder parts at 5.5mph and the easier ones at about 3.8 (fast walking) and it worked really well for me. I think I might just do that again one more time then just set it to manual so that I can go for the longer time for as long as I can and then just go slower as needed.

Kettlebells are something that we were doing with the 4-Hour Body techniques we were doing end of last year…and I plan to do that most Mondays and Fridays…because I DO need to tone up a bit.

Here’s to more and more healthy, energetic, and productive days!!! I do have a goal weight that I’m trying to get to before I get my next SPEC scan…here is where I am with that:

I’m looking forward to being able to tell you that I’m there too, I have just a few pounds to go!

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