I Love My Snails!!

For some time we have had a betta that Hazel named “Blue Hand” who lives in my backtotheroots aquafarm. I haven’t had much luck (yet) with growing plants but I think it will happen, soon I’ll be getting a grow light to have above the tank to support those seedlings a little better.

While I was experimenting with the plants and different seeds though my tank got pretty loaded with algae! I finally got a couple of snails the other day and for the first day or two didn’t see a whole lot of difference but this morning it was like they went on a spring cleaning spree while I was sleeping! There is still a lot of build up on the bottom of the tank but the sides and the water itself looks crystal clear!!

I LOVE my snails and appreciate all of their effort…and in the meantime while I’m waiting for my basil seeds I have a stick of bamboo, a cutting of jade, and I dropped a couple of pea seeds in the pots. I was tempted to get a water plant but held off because I want my plants to have all the nutrients they need to grow!

I had to share…I got the snails after reading the suggestion on the BackToTheRoots.com site…so glad they mentioned it!

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Google Mapping Human Body

Another step towards my Medical Analytics Fantasy coming true.

The only parts seemingly missing now are:

1.) Experiences :: Effects of psychological trauma/experiences (past/present/future) and the impact on the body. I bet that if they really are doing continuous tracking on things like cortisol that the affect on physical health will show up.

2.) Products :: I didn’t see any part of this mentioning anything about the use and subsequent build up of chemicals that are used in personal care products and correlating that with any health issues that may arise.

3.) Diet :: I’d love it if the people were all able to track their diet. I guess they can’t really require that if they don’t know they are in the study but it seems it would be useful information.

Here are some past events I deemed steps towards my fantasy that you can read too if you are interested:

Medical Analytics Fantasy 1.1

Fantasy Coming True?

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Five Minutes + Whole30

Whew! I just went outside and ran/jogged for five minutes, that was intense! I’m a little bummed because I forgot to put on my fitbit to track it but I know I did it! See I read this article in the NYT yesterday about how running for just 5 minutes a day has a real impact on our health, so I figured I should start doing it!

I’m also still doing the Whole30 to the best of my ability…it is kind of hard to figure out what to eat sometimes though and I think I’m on day six or so…I have definitely slipped at least once, I ate a baklava the other day. I really love those things though!!! Other than that I’ve been having lots of salads and smoothies/dishes from my favorite restaurant Thrive.

Mostly I’m snacking, and my husband made some awesome chicken the other day too, a kind of saute with lots of veggies in it along with a bunch of steamed broccoli. I’m also having some chia cereal (just putting chia seeds with a little bit of salt into some coconut milk, letting it sit and stir it every few min) pretty much every day, nut bars every few days and an occasional avocado. Today I also started stirring coconut oil into my coffee…pretty yummy! I was surprised since I usually do not put milk or anything else in my coffee but this was a nice addition…particularly since I haven’t been having my normal protein smoothies in the morning recently that I usually add coconut oil into.

Tonight I’m going to meet up at a happy hour though…we will see how this goes!!

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Whole 30 :: Day 1–ish

Alright so maybe the day tracking thing isn’t for me…I actually wrote this a few days ago, here it is tho:

So yesterday was my “official” day one, though I called it Day 0 of my cutting back on coffee. I decided I was in when I realized how well it aligns with how I already strive to eat but comes with the support of lots of other people I know and who are online doing the same thing, so:

  • No Grains
  • No Legumes
  • No Milk (or milk products)
  • No Alcohol
  • No sugar aside from occasional fruit
  • …for the next 30 days. I have a much easier time stomaching this that cutting my coffee back too much. I will likely start doing the whole putting coconut oil into my coffee thing too but I do forget what that is called.

    So yesterday, what I ate was this:

    For breakfast I made the kids some bacon, kind of burnt it (enough that it was crispy) and so ended up with about 3 slices that the kids wouldn’t eat. So I broke/cut up the bacon into a small bowl, harvested a few sprigs of basil from my counter and cut that up along with it, stirred in 4 eggs and scrambled it up, kind of like a frittata I think? Oh and of course cooking it with coconut oil because that is what I use anyway. I split that with my daughter and son (I am sure I got at least half though) and went on with my day!

    I did NOT do a great job ‘taking care of myself’ foodwise in the earlier part of the day, I finally made myself a salad that had 2 small heads of lettuce from my garden, one tomato and one avocado in it. I put balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it along with a sprinkle of salt, was fabulous!

    Dinner was kind of late, we had to drop my husband off at a Startup Weekend event after we picked up our exchange student from the MEPI program (<3 her!) and it was me with student + 3 kids driving downtown...I had one kid requesting orange juice and one requesting "Dick's" which is a local burger joint, and I knew what I wanted, a “Revive” smoothie from Thrive. So I went to the Wholefoods near us, got an orange juice for my daughter and then went across the street to Thrive where I got that Revive smoothe and some Ginger Lemonade for myself and for our student and a “Willy Wonka” shake with lots of coconut meat etc. for the kids to share.

    I did go to Dicks but succeeded in eating only one half a french fry that fell on the table when handing it to a kid.

    So far so good!! Today so far I’m getting started with chia cereal, which is just chia seeds and some coconut milk from the fridge left to soak a few minutes and a sprinkle of salt on top…it’s a lot like oatmeal but with a little crunch and more filling!

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    Cutting Back on Coffee #Day0

    Alright, so the whole coffee thing isn’t really happening. Yesterday would have been my day 2, but when my husband and I were heading to a meeting I lost it and said “GET ME SOME COFFEE!!” I just didn’t feel human and didn’t want to go to meet with a client in that condition.

    So fortunately I felt better after that, but then after reading my friends Day 30 blog post about being on the Whole 30 diet I realized that was what I really wanted. In the past I have cut grains/dairy etc. before, but currently this hasn’t been the case.

    So for now I’m putting my coffee break on hold and instead I’m cutting grains, legumes, and milk. In the past I did this though I also cut eggs, this plan definitely includes eggs but I am going to work hard to not be overly dependent on them.

    So far today qualifies as a day one since I have only eaten eggs and bacon (with some fresh basil), black coffee, tea and water. At some point lunch will have to happen though, so I am lookin forward to my salad which will consist of lettuce and some herbs from my garden, an avocado, olive oil, and some balsamic vinegar.


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