Shopping Lesson

Alright, so I have recently started using Simpleology and therefore have this nice long list of things to get done that I’ve gone over a few times and weeded out the unnecessary tasks from. After I did that while going through today’s training session I saw that I had quite a few errands to run, I needed some random things that included some wastebaskets for both my office and the downstairs bathroom.

Since I needed more than just that, I went to Tarjay (that’s how I say it, sorry) and grabbed two wastebaskets that were $9.99 on the shelf and about $30 of other stuff including cleaning supplies, a movie, snacks, pencil eraser, toothbrushes etc. When I was checking out, I cleverly said that I did not need a bag, because I could put all the stuff into the waste basket, I felt very proud of myself :-).

When I got to my car I looked at the receipt to see how much damage was done…it seemed a little high at right around $60 so I looked more closely…and look at what I saw!!:


I was shocked. They charged me $14.99 instead of $9.99 which for some might not be a huge deal, but I could use an extra $10! I went home with my stuff, thinking about if it was worth fighting/returning…once I got home and emptied out these trash bins..:


I realized I had another option! So I went to Goodwill, with the wastebaskets in my car, thinking that I could see if they had anything better!

So I went in, and as my bathroom counter (I love spiders!), I also found a curtain that looks to be the perfect size for our table at the craft fair too, and I threw in a sewing kit for Kenzie because she lost her last one, you can see it all here!:


Now even better, look at the prices…:


So I just came home from going back to that first store and returning the wastebaskets that I bought for $30, because shoot, this stuff was way better anyway!! I’m so glad that I noticed I was overcharged…

SHOPPING TIP: If you need anything that you can stand to get used, then go to Goodwill or other second hand store first!!

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Crafty with Grounding Flair

I bet you didn’t know I am crafty! I think that I had nearly forgotten this fact about myself when my daughter asked to be a part of a craft fair. I did that, with the intention of us splitting a table to sell our wares and then prompty realized I had better make some stuff! I decided that I would focus on creating some….


What Grounding Flair means to me, is basically some ‘flair’ ala Office Space, that instead of driving you (or others) crazy provides a GROUNDING energy. The way that the majority of my items do this is by utilizing natural materials, there is a lot of hemp string, stones, stone beads, wood beads, ceramic beads and lots of calm energy that goes into making these flair items that can be attached to a key chain, a zipper, belt buckle, purse, or anything else that you would like to put it on. I do this by using a tiny layered hoop that is basically like a keychain in that it can be put onto either a larger (standard) keychain or a number of other findings.

I love to make custom flairs too that have things like the first initials of children:

Initials of best friends or significant others:

Special stones or rocks that have meaning to the recipient (example here is the raw amethyst in the middle of the flair piece:

Next weekend I’m going to be at the Center for Spiritual Living Craft Fair and will be offering these items along with the beautiful band creations of my daughter, you can see how her “bees” and bracelets are displayed in this picture:

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Book Idea… 2014 (Ending the World)

I had an idea for a fiction book, that is kind of a rare occurrence. Really it is a NON fiction book, written as a fiction book to bring the ways we are bringing the world down to light. The theme would be some kind of evil plot, someone brainstorming about how to end the world or something, and then detail things like numbing childrens brains to fighting early by way of violent cartoons and video games. All stuff that of course is actually happening as I’m typing this but writing it from the context of a plotting to end the world type personality.

It would include things like getting people to fight over stupid things like brands (ensuring that these things, these social markers are valued more than anything of real value), or care about little creatures (think teletubbies) that don’t do or say ANYTHING fully as a means of distracting people from what is happening, and sure throw in some vaccination/disease related stuff too that either does or doesn’t actually kill people, but DEFINITELY gets them all riled up and paying attention to nothing else as needed. Then throw in ensuring that the people who are in charge of the enforcement of rules to people of a lower iq (yet carry guns) and voila, you have today’s world.

So, what do you think? Would anyone read it?

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I’m in Seattle

Just a quick note to ponder. I know that LinkedIn has this feature to get me to sign up for Premium (not interested enough yet) but it is quite intriguing. I have multiple people viewing my profile, on a pretty regular basis and it seemed previously it was often people I was affiliated with somehow, either through mutual contacts, local interests or something of that nature. More recently though I am noticing that the people viewing my profile, the few I am exposed to without paying, are almost exclusively from states and countries very far away from me!

I find this curious because I don’t know what I have on my profile that might be leading people to it, I am interested though. My desire to visit the world via travel might be closer than I thought! Travelling the world is something that I have always light-heartedly strived to do, ideally with my kids in tow (but I’m flexible!), and I’ve been able to taper my travel need somewhat by hosting students from other countries when I can.

Not much else to say aside from thanks to all who deem my profile worthy of viewing, feel free to drop me a note!

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I Love My Snails!!

For some time we have had a betta that Hazel named “Blue Hand” who lives in my backtotheroots aquafarm. I haven’t had much luck (yet) with growing plants but I think it will happen, soon I’ll be getting a grow light to have above the tank to support those seedlings a little better.

While I was experimenting with the plants and different seeds though my tank got pretty loaded with algae! I finally got a couple of snails the other day and for the first day or two didn’t see a whole lot of difference but this morning it was like they went on a spring cleaning spree while I was sleeping! There is still a lot of build up on the bottom of the tank but the sides and the water itself looks crystal clear!!

I LOVE my snails and appreciate all of their effort…and in the meantime while I’m waiting for my basil seeds I have a stick of bamboo, a cutting of jade, and I dropped a couple of pea seeds in the pots. I was tempted to get a water plant but held off because I want my plants to have all the nutrients they need to grow!

I had to share…I got the snails after reading the suggestion on the site…so glad they mentioned it!

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