Medical Marijuana Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Marijuana Infographic

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Awesome Shirt + Tree Planted…is a BONUS if you love trees like me!

I couldn’t pass up on promoting this offer. I love supporting artists by buying awesome art and I also love planting trees, I mean seriously, I have like, 40 baby trees that I’m personally cultivating in my front yard as I type this! Here is the deal I’m talking about and after that I’ll show you pictures of MY tree babies..

For the month of April DBH will plant a tree for every tee sold from the Eco Collection

I just went outside and snapped a few pictures of my plant babies that are growing into trees…I left out the ones that are actually bushes and the raspberries that I’m working on multiplying for this post. I have been collecting trees for years! After leaving pear trees at a house we left in 2011 and a cherry and plum tree at a house we moved to after that I began just keeping them in pots to care for until we get in a “forever” house. I love that I was born on Earth Day because it rationalizes my mildly obsessive garden habits. I really think it would be my favorite time of the year even if it wasn’t my birthday! Here are some of my tree babies as promised!

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Is Mom Really Rapping??

EyesIt all started out boring and regular as ever, I picked up my girls from school and then went to pick up a few things at the Wholefoods on the way home. We were all kind of tired and maybe a tad grumpy. We checked out after I got my stuff and some snacks for them and got into the car. On our way home our regular stations were boring…either fundraising, advertisements or just bad music.

So I started surfing…

When I first heard it, and stopped pushing the buttons I just paused…it’s not the first time I’ve been fooled by a sample being in a new song to be disappointed, so when I heard it I gasped (or yelled as my daughter tells it), it was Aaliyah’s song “Back and Forth from “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” (1994) which was right at the beginning of my “caring about music” phase. I thought she and Left-eye from TLC were the coolest women in the world at that point.

Then it happened. “Dear Mama” came on. Me Against the World by Tupac came out in 1995, I totally feel like his lyrics helped me survive some of the “hard times” I experienced that year when as a teen sometimes does I felt like it was me against the world, and so yes, I knew all the words and was singing/rapping along.

Final song of the ride home was one that came a few years later that I didn’t really like but absolutely had memorized from a summer when they played “Too Close” by Next just about every other song. Hilarious song to know the lyrics to but definitely not my favorite (for the record!).

Hearing those songs after being kind of deprived of MY music with my Generation X husband’s music and the modern pop music of my Gen-Z kids…I know anyone else who is a part of the Xennial generation that oriented a little more towards hop-hop than alternative music can relate to this post…I got so excited I kind of reminded myself of how my mom got excited when James Taylor came on…or my dad with The Who…lol!!

Seems like things change…yet they don’t sometimes right?

My energy boost was ridiculous…I felt like I’d awoken from a long long nap or something, I felt SO good, later on when my husband was out he called me trying to let me hear Bobby Brown “Every Little Step” that came on…and yes, while I don’t like him much now, when that song came out I was a HUGE fan. I think Geoff is already figuring out how to change my wake up system…

Only songs that would have gotten me more excited would be off TLC’s “Ooooh on the TLC tip

Keep looking for your favorite station/music…it is SO good when you find it.

I feel absolutely revitalized!!

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I Got to Spend a Sunny Seattle Day at the Zoo!!

Of course the map was the most interesting part for my almost five-year old though ;-).

Wednesday is a day that I spend with my son and so when I found out my daughters class was going on a field trip on Wednesday I quickly went from being bummed I wasn’t available to go, to realizing that of COURSE I can still go. We saw all kinds of animals but it was a very different experience than when I go with my daughters. Rather than spending lots of time staring and trying to interact with the animals once we could see them in an exhibit he just wanted to keep going! We definitely saw some Lemurs and Zebras, I think those were his favorites:

I think he was really more excited at the prospect of “maybe” finding his sister and it was super fun once we did find her, they even ran to each other as if it had been weeks and not hours since they had last seen each other. I love this age that they are at, 4 and 6 for this, they have so much love for each other I love it. I wanted to be sure to blog about it so that I can always remember this time in case it doesn’t last long!


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Lazy Lavender Propagating

I have a lavender plant that has been abused…it is leggy and not very pretty so I am trying to start some new ones. I clipped a few of the branches that are still alive/new and placed them into holes in the pot where the original Lavender, Mama Laven I call it, and I’ll just see if it works.

I am also looking into starting a few more blueberry bushes from the ones that I have that are good producers. Soon I’ll start “really” trying to effectively propagate these by following some instructions available online but I’m feeling impatient and experimental…I’ll let you know if they survive!

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No Shopping Yet

Angel Choir - HazelAm I the total dude in this instance? I don’t think so but I relate to the pictures of people out frantically getting presents for folks. I think that if anything I will go with my husband for our annual “Goodwill Sibling Gift Shop” which our family seems to enjoy, this is when the kids each get to pick out presents for their siblings at Goodwill.

It is a fun opportunity for the kids to shop that isn’t too pricey. It also encourages bagging up some of the older toys to donate (get rid of to make room for new to us toys) and to give them to some other future child that will love them. I tell them it is activating the Santa they have within.

I just looked up recipes and am excited to see it is pretty simple to use fresh ginger instead of the dry, I just need about twice as much as it calls for. This means we will have some gluten free gingerbread cookies in our future!!

The focus for this year is really on family time and bonding…presents will be given from grandparents along with some needed gifts from us (husband doing the shopping part). Maybe I’ll get a family book of carols or something to sing together or something. That day of ice skating after xmas looks fun too, we will see! The picture is of my youngest daughter from the day she performed with the Anger Choir at Center for Spiritual Living.

Shopping will happen, but it isn’t our focus this year.

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I Am Absolutely Thrilled That My Bracelet Got Smarter!!

Love watching my sleep!

Picture links to Fitbit site.

I have a Fitbit, the one they call “Flex”. I got it for the holidays from my husband about two years ago. I had wanted one for a long time and so I was super happy to receive it. I was the most excited about tracking my sleep, reason being I “knew” that I didn’t get much but I really wanted to know how much I was getting.

When I found out that the Flex required me to ‘tell’ it both when I went to bed and when I got up, I was so frustrated! It seemed to me that there must have been some kind of logic that it can figure out based on my movement when I actually go to sleep. Two years go by and a handful of frustrated posts on the community site and then this week I got the email. I figured I either had to save up for a more expensive one or I had to just buy a different device with the functionality that I wanted.

Since then I’ve had a lot of fun with the challenges that I can participate in with friends and family that live both locally and far away from me, so I have grown to love the device even with this minor could-be-improved feature.

It was an almost casual announcement that with the new update it would be able to track my sleep for me. I was floored, and updated as soon as I could. I have been using it for three days now (it is set to just DO it, I am so glad I don’t have to ask for it!!) and the picture in this post is the result of that. I’m wondering if that took away some stress because looking at my numbers my sleep has improved each day since it started (mostly kidding, but maybe!).

I’ll go add some steps towards the challenge I joined for this week…let me know if you want to be “friends” on their site and do a challenge with me!!

Fitbit Flex

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Learning To Read

I’ll start out by telling you I have three children. My oldest is ten and is a voracious reader. My younger two children, who are very bright are the focus of this post. My 6 year old is now in 1st grade. She is tested into very high levels of Math, and this is when we realized that we maybe weren’t stressing the importance of reading enough…she was put into a lower level of math simply because she couldn’t read the instructions telling her what to do! I have since stocked up on sight words cards to help her start to memorize those and while I was at it I picked up some phonics card for my 4 year old son who is expected to start Kindergarten next year.

My older daughter wanted to learn to read, so it really is a whole new territory for me. So far I am finding that it helps if we are very accessible when she is reading her books/cards. I am encouraging her to spell out the words she is having a hard time with too, logic being that she at least needs to think about each of the letters and doesn’t just skip over the challenge. My son I’m hoping is absorbing some of these lessons from hearing his sister learning to read. With him we are still working on letter recognition, and his preschool gives him a book each week of the school year that is focused on the letter of the week. Reading these books each night is definitely a part of our routine. On really good nights I can get my 6yo to attempt to read the book to her brother and my older daughter/husband or I am close to help with any words that are more difficult.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you used to get your children reading? I never really worried about it too much because I know so many people who are focused on letting the child learn at their own pace…but with them in school I’m finding it is definitely an impediment to not be caught up in one area or another. This could just be a flaw of the common core curriculum that reading is required so early on in math, but at this point it is what it is so I am working to get her caught up. I’d love any tips you have to offer!

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My Favorite 4 Yummy (Easy) Fish Lunch Options..

I’ve been trying to have about around 4-5 servings of fish a week. Why? Glad you asked! It is so that I can get some of the “fish oil” and all the other things that are in them. These recipes use cans of salmon, I also of course LOVE a fillet of wild salmon as much as the next girl from Alaska. I use these because they are cheaper and easier to keep in stock, plus I find them to be very satisfying. I usually buy mine at Costco.

Here are 4 ways that I have been eating them:

Mustard Sardines:
I simply empty the can into a coffee cup after draining some of the olive oil and stir in some mustard! I love mustard!

Balsamic & Apple Sardines:
With this one, I empty the can of sardines into a coffee cup along with about half of a diced apple (usually leftovers from an apple cut up for one of my kids), stir it up, and then I drizzle some of my balsamic vinegar on it.

Celery & Mayonnaise Salmon:
I use a bowl with this one and empty the can of salmon in it, (I prefer the Alaska wild caught salmon of course) then I dice up a stick or two of celery and put in a generous dollop of mayonnaise. Sometimes I like to make the mayo too (using coconut oil and eggs from our chickens!) but usually I just use either Spectrum or Wholefoods organic brand of mayo. I enjoy this because sometimes there are some small bones (vertebrae not the needle-like ones) and they are totally edible, though not pleasant to be surprised by, and when I have celery in it them it is a lot nicer experience.

Fish Salad:
I also love to have a simple salad, I usually get a head of red organic lettuce and cut it up, put a can of sardines on it, and then whatever else I have that is yummy on salads, maybe some pumpkin seeds, blue cheese, or cut up apple. Then I drizzle a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it with a dash of sea salt and pepper. Yum!!

Do you have any favorite recipes for canned fish? I’d love to hear about them!!

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Discount for Gift that Keeps Giving!! Unlimited toys? Yes!

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What better way to kick-off the holiday season than with new toys! With a Pley LEGO subscription, you can get unlimited toys delivered directly to your front door! Even better? Now through December 8th, you can get 20% off any prepaid or monthly plan at Pley!

Pley makes it so easy for kids of all ages to rent LEGO sets, saving parents hundreds of dollars per year on toys that tend to get enjoyed for a brief time and then neglected. With Pley’s 20% off deal, it’s the perfect time to try out this fun subscription service that the whole family will enjoy.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Pley Rentals

What happens if LEGO pieces get lost?
No worries. Pley doesn’t charge for missing pieces. They understand that LEGO bricks can get lost.

With that said, any help you can give them in minimizing losses is much appreciated. Keeping the bricks in a tray or a box makes it easier to keep track of the pieces and make it easier to build.

Are the toys clean?
Absolutely! Pley cleans and sanitizes each toy after every use using eco-friendly and kid-friendly solutions. They use commercial grade high temperature washers to clean the toys thoroughly inside and out.

Concerned that kids won’t want to return the toys?
Pley has heard from customers that this isn’t much of an issue. Kids love receiving new toys and playing with them. But when they are done, they look forward to receiving the new toys and they understand the benefits of sending the current ones back. And, they learn to appreciate the value of sharing. However, if your kid is interested in keeping a particular set, Pley offers the option to buy it in one click from your account page.

Sign up today at and save 20%!

Pley Rent LEGO Toys

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Love and Paris situation

What kind of energy are you sharing with the world?I can’t help but think about the people who went through with the bombings/attacks in Paris/Beirut/everywhere else recently. These are the things I am thinking about:

1.) I worry. I worry about what kind of a world my kids are going to have, and about how much I should tell them about what is going on. I worry about them worrying about it, or being scared to expand their horizons and exposure to the world. I worry that the UN Climate Change Conference might be interrupted, because I believe that it is an important event for everyone to get involved with to save our planet as a whole.

2.) I remember. I was in New York City when 9/11 happened and it brings me to tears to remember what it was like to be so close. It was this wild mixture of being grateful, being scared, feeling connected, and yet lost. I remember how beautiful it was for a few days to walk around, make eye contact with people and to get a smile that sort of acknowledged and celebrated silently acknowledging “We survived.” and finding great peace in that. I remember the military guns in the subway station and the tanks around ground zero and how surreal it was, I remember wondering how they got them there so fast. I remember hearing that we were declaring war, and that many many more people would be dying, and how as someone who had been so close thought this was the worst idea, we need peace and love, not war.

3.) I wonder. I wonder if the world changed, and came from a place of love instead of fear, how long it would take for this kind of thing to stop happening. Would people grow up to be so angry that they want to kill people if they were loved everywhere they went and all their needs were taken care of? Are we just setting ourselves up for more of this through our treatment of each other every day? Would we all have to be like flower children of the sixties or could we just open our eyes a little bit more to see the soul of the person in front of us and love them for being them? I wonder how civilized a culture we are if we are cheering for the death of, anyone.

4.) I wish. I wish that all of us, all over the world could participate in a mandatory foreign exchange program that exposed us to at least three extremely different parts of the world from where we are from. I wish that doing this would build a greater empathy among all of us that would make it hard to consider ever participating in such violence because we know someone from every part of the world.

5.) I know. I know that love can help. I know that when we love each other and see the inner light/child glowing through every person/animal that we see that our heart and soul expands and we become more connected in creating a space where we can all thrive. I know that some people are so so hurt or scared that this is hard to believe, and I know that all I can do to help is to love them for who they are, and for their playful inner child to thrive. I also know that there are bombings happening a LOT more places and Paris, and we need to send love to all who have been touched by that as well. I know that when I have felt that I had nothing in terms of life support I knew I had love…I don’t know if it was God’s love or the spirits of my family past that I felt but I knew I’d make it if I was meant to, and that love had something to do with it.

It doesn’t feel like love can do much when there is a situation like this, but when it comes down to it love is something that is within all of us and it’s a lot more pleasant than hate. Living in fear of what could happen only hurts us. Spread the love, acceptance and support for our neighbors.

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