Cutting Back on Coffee #Day0

Alright, so the whole coffee thing isn’t really happening. Yesterday would have been my day 2, but when my husband and I were heading to a meeting I lost it and said “GET ME SOME COFFEE!!” I just didn’t feel human and didn’t want to go to meet with a client in that condition.

So fortunately I felt better after that, but then after reading my friends Day 30 blog post about being on the Whole 30 diet I realized that was what I really wanted. In the past I have cut grains/dairy etc. before, but currently this hasn’t been the case.

So for now I’m putting my coffee break on hold and instead I’m cutting grains, legumes, and milk. In the past I did this though I also cut eggs, this plan definitely includes eggs but I am going to work hard to not be overly dependent on them.

So far today qualifies as a day one since I have only eaten eggs and bacon (with some fresh basil), black coffee, tea and water. At some point lunch will have to happen though, so I am lookin forward to my salad which will consist of lettuce and some herbs from my garden, an avocado, olive oil, and some balsamic vinegar.


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Prayer For Obedient Drones

I know you choose not what you do for you are an obedient drone.

When you drop of the papers suing me for the dental care of my child I know.

Because if you were more, than an obedient drone, I know you’d hug me instead.

But your master in charge, said for you to stay strong, and ignore your emotions today.

I took my child to the dentist, for a cavity, an evaluation,

Trying to be a good patient I asked, “but do you take my insurance?”

They assured me they did, and then added more charges than covered,

Now “Pay the bill!” they said, then I cried “I have no money”,

“I’m sorry I lost my job, paid my rent paid my COBRA,

But with all these bills, no money is left over!!”

Do the courts, paper givers, or any lawyers care?

I think they only care, that once my cupboards are bare,

Once my children are gone, and are living in their care,

despite their cavities, from lack of dental care,

because most important, is that the get their share,

Once I finally have money, to pay, that bill.

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Hobby Lobby Locally? No Not Me!!!

Alright, so I held off about talking about this whole, Hobby Lobby thing, or at least MAYBE it seems like it from my blog. Seriously though. I was referencing my stories, experiences and more in response to a number of other articles out there.

For the record I am one of the women who has in the past used an IUD. I used it because as far as I knew at the time it was my only option. See, I was diagnosed with a STROKE at 18. When one is diagnosed with a stroke at 18, it tends to not be a natural thing, and my professor level doctors determined it likely that it was due to my BIRTH CONTROL (yes, one of the kinds generally accepted by Hobby Lobby) combined with a hole in my heart that a huge number of the adult population has (I think it was 1/3 or 1/4? or about 1 in 5 according to the Cleveland Clinic) called a patent foramen ovale. They basically said that that plus my birth control probably caused my stroke, and so since then there is virtually NO doctor that will come CLOSE to me with a prescription for a hormonal birth control option. For a number of years I had one of those copper IUDs. SO…need I say that I will NOT be shopping at the local Hobby Lobby opening up like, a mile from where I live? At least not until this whole thing is undone/erased/obliterated from human history? I hope not…I’ll still be checking out Craftsy though and finding ways to make to with what I have. Cheers!

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Does Helicopter Parenting Build Empathy?

I have been doing a lot of reading, about generations, parenting topics about personality, potential and about the number of children dying in the middle east. I have to wonder, about the different parenting trends and how they always get criticism, but then every now and then, I see one of those #restoringfaithinhumanity posts on facebook.

I affiliate with families that have highly scheduled kids, completely free kids, kids in public school, kids in private school, and when I talk to all the parents I can’t help but wonder…”Are you being who you want your children to be?” It feels like one of the oldest lessons in child development that I probably learned in high school if not before, and that is this:

“Children learn by example.”

What if it is really that simple? What if, by paying attention to the details, standing up for our kids and supporting them through hard times they are learning to do the same? Of course kids go through their phases and when they are seeing it they don’t seem to care, but don’t we all end up being just a little bit like our parents?

I know that I have picked up a lot from my parents, but I work hard to consciously choose what I am picking up. I don’t expect my kids to dissect my character and habits at this point but I hope when they are older and this happens anyway, that they have a lot to choose from.

I saw a meme once, it was a beautiful picture of a young boy meditating with this quote:

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

I think about things like that, particularly since I HAVE an eight year old. What I have seen, in my limited parenting years is absolute transformation. I limited her sugar a LOT when she was a baby/small child, she didn’t even get juice that wasn’t watered down. I included her in my process of juicing carrots when she was about 3 or 4 and it was probably the sweetest thing she’d had at that point (I didn’t water this juice down!). So when she was first exposed to actual candy, she didn’t seem to like it, it seemed to overwhelm her with sweetness. She had fun trying it though! I won’t forget her first Halloween when she would thoughtfully open up each candy she hadn’t tried, and take a single bite, then throw it away. I couldn’t have been prouder. She soon got over that and went through a brief hoarding period, she’d grab all the candy she could and hide what she couldn’t eat. I stayed strong in my own nutritional journey, and continued to tell her that to be healthy it was important to eat our vegetables first, then the meat, and if we had to we could eat some bread/noodles/potatoes. I would be honest about if I did or didn’t “like” something and why, for example if her face twisted up when she tried my green vegetable juice I would tell her that I agree, it doesn’t taste that good but I drink it anyway because I know it is so so good for my body.

I am sure that to some people I’m probably a helicopter parent, I include my kids in almost everything. I even still have a few in my bed at night. I feel pretty confident though that they will grow up to be pretty cool people.

How are you parenting your kids? Are you a helicopter parent?

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Cutting Back On Coffee #Day1

Alright, so I was reading something online the other day, it was about coffee and cortisol. I was reading it because I realized that maybe THAT was what my problems were related to…I drink MASSIVE amounts of coffee (or so I’m told) and I have sometimes cut back but only for maybe a summer or something, usually something comes up like a new job, school starting or cold weather and I just can’t rationalize holding back.

In this article it was talking about how cortisol is raised by high amounts of caffeine!

This caught my attention because I have started (muttering now) gaining more weight than I have except when I’ve been pregnant. I follow a pretty good diet, better than a lot of people and I’ve been doing a lot of yoga. I even cut way back on drinking for a while to see if that made a difference too! It totally did not.

I feel like I owe it to myself to cut back on caffeine. I know that as we get older it gets harder to do this (or so I hear) but I’m on a mission to get healthier and healthier each year, not heavier and heavier.

I did drink coffee today, it was the whining kids that did me in eventually, but today I did NOT drink the whole french press that I normally exceed (yesterday I had about 1.5)! I followed that with a one teabag black tea (Organic Darjeeling, my favorite!). I wasn’t feeling super productive though, this is how I explained it on facebook:


So just after posting that my husband came in bouncing around saying “you gotta try this, you gotta try this” and he was talking about the binaural beats app that we got some time ago. So I’m listening to it now, so far it is not unpleasant aside from my tablet seeming to shut it off after a few minutes which is distracting…so I’m just swiping the screen every time it gets darker at this point.

If it keeps my energy up maybe I’ll have the time/focus to figure out how to keep it from doing that!
Binaural Stimulation

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