Just Do It!!

I had an awkward experience this summer that felt like a good one to share.

I was at a family camp, we go for a week every summer and my oldest daughter (on the right) absolutely LOVES to swim in the lagoon that they have there off of the sound. I knew this ahead of time and made a point to be sure to bring everyone’s swimming suit, including mine, particularly since I had recently read the article that talks about how kids will remember mom playing, not how she looked. I was determined to be a “playing mom” and not a “self conscious mom” and to just Put On That Swimsuit! (by the Mom Creative). I packed them very carefully.

Our first day there, at this beautiful resort like place and of course she is in the water…we had unpacked earlier that day but where was my suit? I looked and looked and looked, no suit!! The kids were ready, and excited to go down to the water but…where was it??!!

Lovely sunset view from our cabin...

Lovely sunset view from our cabin…

So I looked at what I did have, and fortunately I had a few of my undershirts that I usually wear (spaghetti strap tank top) and I found a black one…I looked at my underwear and YES! I found some boycut ones that were black. I decided to wear both and if I needed to I could jump in…nobody would notice right?

I told my girls of my plan, and asked them to please not mention it, trying to assure them that nobody could tell. They seemed sure people would be able to tell, it surprised me how much they cared, so I pulled off my shirt and jeans, in an attempt to prove that it really wasn’t that bad! Plus, realistically I probably had more covered than I do with my suit! My 7 year old daughter Hazel (she was most nervous surprisingly) stated that it really “didn’t look bad!” and so down to the lagoon we went…

I did end up jumping in, every day right along with my mermaid Kenzie who was in there for hours a day every day. I wasn’t in that long because Hazel and Zazen had to be watched (and they kept leaving the water area) but definitely jumped in at least once each day. It was a hot dock and I thought the coldish water was great! I hardly thought about my swimming suit issue, and carefully made sure my shirt and pants got washed/dried out each night.

That article I’d read that I mentioned earlier just kept on popping up in my head…they were going to have good memories that included mom jumping into the cold water with them!! I am glad that I had packed under-things that passed for swimming…nobody ever said a word.

Kristin + Kenzie Treading Water

We were playing with treading water with only our legs, and lucky for me a friend took this shot!!

Oh, and we did end up finding my suit, the day before we left. I or someone put it on a hanger that my husband then put his shirt over and forgot…it was fun to finally have a real swimming suit on for the last day at least!!

So I guess the lesson is, don’t “just” pack a swimming suit, but some emergency back-ups as well!! Have fun moms!!!

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Excited To Read “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”!!

I saw this campaign a few months ago and was IN immediately. I just updated the details they need to send me all the perks (including book/coloring book etc.) and I am so excited to read this to my kids!!! See video below for more info…it is pretty sweet!!

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Finalist in #NewSchoolAlumni Summer Photo Contest “Bubble”

I am so excited to be included in this contest! I graduated from Parsons in 2003 with BFA in Communication Design. After leaving New York in 2006 it is great to be recognized as a finalist for this fun picture I took earlier this summer!

You can vote now by “Liking” your favorite photo here on Facebook and Instagram.

The “New School Favorite,” along with the three winning photos, will be announced after voting ends on August 9, 2016.

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Dinner Experiments.. #1 (Picky Kids)

My goal is to feed the kids a healthy dinner, and to minimize my own time in the kitchen, because I have other stuff too do and I’m not in a domestic skills kind of mood.

Problem: I was completely in hyperfocus mode learning about options to update one of my main sites that has been in desperate need of an update for too long to mention…I did NOT feel like asking my sweet little picky kids what they wanted for dinner, because surely they would want what I didn’t have!

Technique: I went to the kitchen, took a quick inventory and quickly decided what I would make…and when the kids asked, I did NOT answer, I told them they’d see when it was done. I used three pans, faux pas but still, I think it’s good.

Pan 1:
Quinoa and Rice, this is a premade mix of the two grains that we get from Costco, the kids love it. My first step was taking one packet of this, and putting it in the first pan with a few tablespoons of water. This is the “base” of what I was making…

Pan 2:
Broccoli, I started a pot of a few cups of water to get it boiling, broccoli is the one vegetable that they will eat almost always. I figured that if this was a part of it, along with the rice, it would be good.

Pan 3:
Mushroom soup, this is the yummy/new/special part that I’m gambling on…I’ve heard of all sorts of recipes that have some kind of soup. Stuff like casseroles that are “so” easy to make. I figured that this means kids generally like it…so my plan is to use it as a secret sauce on top of EVERYTHING!

Alright, this is how it all came together. I got three plates, and first put the rice mix and broccoli on it. I tried to put the broccoli kind of leaning on the rice to make it all fit nicely. Then I took the Mushroom soup and drizzled it all over everything…then I found some spooks and forks (very random ones that were the last ones to remain clean in the silverware drawer, but hey they matched!) and put them on the kids table. I saw there was maybe more soup than they wanted and so then I grabbed a few slices of bread to leave in the sauce to give them another option to fill up on. I also put the rest of the rice mix and soup into two cute little containers to give them to opportunity to serve themselves more (if they liked it) and of course hoping this would encourage them to eat what they had…so they could get more.

I then got them each a glass of water.

Then I walked up towards my office, called out something like, “Your food might get cold if you don’t eat it fast!” and disappeared in my office…

…and so far so good…I started typing this immediately upon getting to my computer and I have heard no loud protesting voices and only ONE kid come into my office. The one kid came in, and he gave me a hug (score!). I asked him if he was done ready to brush teeth, and he said he didn’t eat his dinner, so I explained that meant that he had to leave. I declared he is only allowed in my office after he brushes his teeth, and he can’t do that until he eats his dinner. It’s about 12 after 8pm now..I’ll add updates as they come! We will see if this works…

8:14pm: Husband came upstairs and reported that they are eating..pretty sure they all are but they also started a movie. I’m still taking it as a win if they are eating!

8:44pm: It looks like it partially worked…son refused it and found a marshmallow, so he is going crazy. Only good in that is his sisters are working together to stop his destruction (aka throwing their toys away). Entertaining, but I wish that he ate!

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Reading “The Red Tent”, Interesting Stories New To Me

The Red TentI went on a women’s retreat recently, it was about 3 weeks ago. I went to an island just a little ways from Seattle where I live to spend a few days with a lot of other women, about 30. It was based on the “Warrior Goddess Training” book which I’m going to start reading soon, but I had to first write about The Red Tent because I find it so interesting.

I’m going to start this with letting you know, that I don’t read all that much. Recently most of my reading had been word by word for my son, who is in speech therapy, so that he can learn how to both read (he declared he wants to by the time he is 5) and pronounce words being spoken using the BOB books. When someone recommended I read this The Red Tent book though I was ready. I got it the day after getting back from the retreat, or was it the same day?

For me this book is fabulous…I have never read the bible. On the back it will tell you how it is: “a valuable achievment in modern fiction: a new view of biblical women’s society.”. I am at the time of writing this about 2/3 of the way finished. It is a “fiction” book and this is not my normal reading preference. I love to read books about “real” things with tips about how to become better, but this book is interesting me because to me it is a digest-able interpretation of stories from the bible which appear to be really important to other people. I was not raised a Christian or any other kind of religion that required that I know biblical stories at all, and only recently through my experiences with CSL/Religious Science/Science of Mind have I even been curious. I might even be soon taking a class that is about the bible, though still not a typical Christian bible study.

Anyway, I do really like this book. It is telling stories of Jacob, Joseph and more from the perspective of Dinah. Her perspective is an interesting one that starts out as a child, with reverence to her “mothers” and a perspective that amazingly makes it all seem “ok”, at least in the beginning. It was fun to mention things about it to my husband who has much more awareness of the bible’s stories, and to learn about how well it does match up with what the book says. It’s a great intro for me into learning it and getting more of a women’s perspective that I can understand and easily consume as a reader. It even got me to re-download the GoodReads app on my phone just so I could update how far I was!

I highly recommend it and plan to pass it to my daughters when they are of an age that it isn’t “too” disturbing…because yes it gets to some of those parts. Have you read it? What did you think? I’d love to discuss in the comments if you want to share!

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