2010 Starts With a BANG!!!

What an exciting month January was…it started with the Symposium I participated in on the 6th and then about a week later I went to Olympia where I spoke with my district Senator as well as one of the two Legislators. Unfortunately the other thing that started on this “MS Activist” day was that my MS seemed to become activated…it started with a falling asleep numbness/vibrating feeling. I remember thinking, oh boy, either my pants are too tight or this is a flare up, (I was really hoping my pants were too tight and circulation was making them feel asleep!). It was both of my legs at that point.

Soon it developed into my neck down.. or I should say my neck got all ‘feverish’ and I lost feeling/strength and coordination below that. It was not cool in other words!! By Friday I was in my old neurologist’s office and being shuffled for my 3 days of steroids to begin…they did nothing and by the end of the weekend it was worse. It took me until Wednesday to get ahold of my neuro again and so I called a different doctor who saw me the following Friday.

At this point this was all almost a month ago, and fortunately after having 2 extremely difficult weeks I did start to improve. I went through insane ups and downs, the MA program I planned on applying for had a 2/1 application due date and at that point I could BARELY type at all, meaning I had to literally watch my fingers as they typed because I couldn’t ‘feel’ which keys they ere on. I think at this point my fingers are about 70% better though thankfully. Prior to the last week in January, I spent days not even able to do that, and days typing with just my pointer finger on my left hand (I’m a righty but my left hand had more control) and when it came to writing with pen and paper I was using my left hand to ‘lead’ my right. One form I had to fill out to get my transcript sent to me me which pretty much consisted of my address, social, name, and date of graduation took about TWENTY minutes to write by hand and it looked like a child or very drunk person wrote it.

I did manage to get my application in on time though, well, on the extended time (last Thursday) so I’m VERY grateful for all the support the admissions staff gave me. Hopefully I’ll have some more news to share soon! I have lots of other stories to share from January but I have a beautiful little teething 10mo climbing up my leg so I gotta go…plus I have some pre-requisite homework to do in Personality Psychology…

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