Thirty Five Pounds To Go

Alright, I have been a little wishy washy about if I want to share this journey but I am pretty committed, so I figure I might as well. My husband and I are on a mission to each release 35lb this summer.

We are doing this by starting a program including shakes and that sort of thing…We will also incorporate some juicing and at least one good meal a day, but mostly smoothies. Most food cooked will be for the kiddos.

So far we started tracking our weight a few days ago…we haven’t gotten our smoothie stuff yet but I did start doing at least one sometimes two of the smoothie stuff that I got from wholefoods the other day. I don’t like it as much as what I’m getting in the mail but hey, it works! I also put ground chia seed in it to fill me up a little better.

When I first tracked my weight on July 3 and it was at 174.6…my goal is to get to 140 which is what I weighed about the time I got pregnant most recently. My husband came in around 233 and his goal is to get to an even 200. So far I’m dropping about a pound a day or so, I weighed in at 168.8 this morning so it’s getting started!! I think these early pounds are the result of cutting back on the glass of wine in the evening and overall paying more attention to what I’m eating when I am eating…We should be getting our smoothies and other goodies any day now.

I’m really excited to really get started!!

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