30DLBL Day 1!

I stumbled upon the 30DLBL project about two days ago…well I think it was in the middle of the night on Friday night. It was a perfect time to find it because I was having a very hard time at that moment…

I went through and I did what I thought was a good amount of the work, I did the life wheel, reflected on it, wrote about a paragraph about a improvements and then wrote a nice long action plan of things to accomplish to make this September a PERFECT September.

Saturday during the day turned into a much better day (already?) and I didn’t work on it any more, I figured that was okay because I had done the first three days already.

Or so I thought…I came upon a surprise ‘free time’ opportunity on Sunday, which was some childcare after church that I took advantage of and at that point, when I could actually focus, I realized I had NOT done three days, I had done all three parts of the first day!!

So far so good though, I am behind schedule however since I already started a few days late…with two little ones I’m having a hard time finding the focus required for the second day…I believe it will come at some point tomorrow though!!

I have gotten a lot just out of thinking about this month..it’s a busy one and finding ways to improve it is grand, my daughter’s starting kindergarten, my husband is turning 40, my daughter is turning 5, and yeah…it’s nice to have a lot of good things to look forward to and I have been able to act on a lot of these desires too as well as get my husband bought into those he can be a part of (like my haircut yesterday!)

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