From Wasps to New Porch!!


What you see in this picture is the honeycomb that the wasps had inside of the porch and wall of the house my family is currently renting…it was pretty scary at the end of last summer when we realized what was going on, and that they had gotten inside of the house enough to break a hole through the sheet rock.

Fortunately for us it was late enough in the season that our little friends died, we reported it to the property management company and last week voila! 3 different guys and the landlords mother came by a few times and it was determined that we would be getting a new deck. Considering how little I trusted the old one I was very happy about this, I never dreamed how fast it would happen though! It was 2-3 days of a father son duo working the magic and after tearing down the old deck, a new one was built! I’m much less nervous about letting the kids out there now since they reduced the spacing between the slats and gave it some more height too. Yay!!


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