750Words Accountability Post!!

Kristin Bennett wrote 779 words on Thursday August 11, 2011 on 750 Words.

Fortunately today I found the time to finish my words…I have committed to write at least 750 words into my 750words.com account and if I miss a day (I’ve missed two!) to write about my reasons and to commit again to continuing on my daily routine! This is my first post and my other post will be coming in the next few days…

I missed writing on the day of our BBQ (this was 8/6/2011) and the reason was that time totally flew! I remembered to write when it was already PAST midnight…this was unfortunate because the day really did just slip by. Unfortunately I don’t recall why I missed the other day…I believe it was a similar reason though. We had an amazing time with our dear friends and family.

Fortunately I did take it as an opportunity to complete the next days words however!

So far it is a good as in “positive” reason I missed the routine, so I don’t feel too bad for missing it. I am still getting back on rack however and I believe today was my 5th day in the current streak!

Will post again if I miss any more days…once I get the daily part down, my plan is to actually have a “scheduled” time when I do my words…so far I am just stealing away time when I can to get it done. It hasn’t been too hard because fortunately I’m a fast typer, it only takes 11-15m usually to get my words completed, (I’m aiming for 10 though, I know I’ve tested at 79wpm!!)

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