Getting to Calm

This book is one I picked up about a month ago when I saw it at Barnes and Noble, I don’t recall which one but I remember seeing it featured, the author was going to be at an event in Seattle! University Village is where the signing was and though I didn’t make it there as I was in the midst of my Flare I was there soon after and was able to pick up an Autographed copy.

It caught my interest of course because I had JUST been at the symposium which talks about a lot of the same issues and how to deal with them. I immediately scanned the table of contents and the index and was VERY happy to not see much/any attention being given to the option of sending ones child away. There is a lot of great tips and examples about how specifically to and NOT to interact with ones child when there is a difficult emotional situation.

I’m just over halfway done and I absolutely recommend the book! I really like that it is more modern and relevant than the ones I have seen from my parent’s old collection from when I was a tween…which of course I felt were gross over-simplifications. This book is good general advice for dealing with anyone who is loved and going through a hard time.

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