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Brain Update…

I was hardly able to think of words and definitely spelling them was a huge challenge, I found myself repeating words in my head to try and figure out the letters that made them sound like that. Continue reading

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Brain Troubles…

I have been having a heck of a hard time recently. Hope that we can keep our house. If not, that something better will come. Hoping I can find ways to keep my girls in their classes. Healthy food in … Continue reading

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14 Years With MS

Time to share all that I have collected in my MS Toolbox… After 14 years of life since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the tender age of 20, I feel a calling to record what I have learned so … Continue reading

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Radical Acceptance

This book came to me from somebody I love, my husband in particular when I was crying about something. If I’m remembering right it was one of those moments where I’m saying “Damn it I’m right!!”..when it just sucks to … Continue reading

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Satisfying My Sweet Little Lego Maniac

On Monday, my son was asking for a Birthday Pop or cookie for a special treat after we dropped his sisters off at school. I managed to negotiate with him by purchasing a small package of Legos instead. I figured … Continue reading

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