A Look Back…

2011 was quite the year here in Seattle…

I started the year pregnant …just ending my first trimester. Looking for ways to make money, keep our house, keep the kids fed and insured I finally applied for public assistance. Having no money I easily qualified and the rush of relief I found knowing I’d have at least this amount for food and only food each month was a huge relief…though I did cringe when I saw the account was through chase bank…who had been sending us letters about our soon to be taken home

I barely remember the first half of the year which is probably a good thing. I fondly remember things like visiting friends, however the nightmare of the midwives I struggled with in my last trimester…as I was planning our move for July was a nightmare.

I did turn 30 just a week after Hazel turned 2 in April…barely remember that though aside from a beautiful card Kenzie drew me that I still have up on display.

June ended beautifully with baby Zazen being born…not as planned but still a birth that makes me smile to think about and definitely earned him his name.

July we said goodbye to our home. I think I had a harder time than anyone through this as I truly love that home…which is still on the market bit for a couple hundred thousand less than chase wanted. I miss my tub more than anything.

Our new life began after this when we moved into a wonderful shared home situation further north with chickens and more room for my gardens!!

Soon it was September and my first baby Kenzie, who was just starting first grade at a new school since we moved, was turning six years old.

October we all went to our first occupy event…and though I haven’t been to one in person since I am watching twitter and email updates about the movement closely. Sometimes I worry too

Things happened fast after this, Halloween was fun and spent the evening trick or treating with new friends, in November our cat Besheila was attacked by what the vet guessed was a coyote resulting in a flap of loose skin that has been stitched and is healing well…a lovely thanksgiving at Nama’s house was lovely and full of celebration as Geoff had received two good job offers that week that he was choosing between…a wonderful problem to have considering the struggles we’d been through.

Up until this point our rent had been paid generously through gifts and loans from friends…something I’d not have expected and am still amazed at the generosity of. Big thank you to friends and family for helping us through those times…

December has been a whirlwind…he started his job and I have been learning about running a household…or at least being the house spouse if you will…and I happily joined a gym the last day of this year.

We started going to a new church too, I think it was in November that we are very happy with…a “Center for Spiritual Living” that is an uplifting experience every week.

I am looking forward to this year, though the politics if late have me very wary…the thought of losing our freedom via NDAA and SOPA not to mention finally seeing “Food Inc.” all have my mind busy…

…and with that I gotta go get these kiddos to sleep…if I have a chance soon I’ll update this post with links to relevant past posts.

Love to you and your family! I have a big bouncy 6mo baby, a princess who is “two and a handful” as we like to say and a beautiful six year old goddess who all need to go to bed!!

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