A New Chapter Begins

This is going to be shorter than I would like, I have so much exciting news to share, but we need to be out of our apartment by tomorrow night and there’s still packing to do!!

This morning I had an appointment with my ND, last appointment, which was my first, was 1 month ago. It was my second appointment with her, the first involving an extensive interview and giving lots of blood for testing and taking a hair kit home to test my nutrient levels.

Today we found out the results!!

No, first how I feel…I’m stressed, anxious, and often distracted with a hard time remembering things. Often I feel depressed though I’m bad at communicating it normally and I do a good job acting like everything is ‘ok’ (don’t we all? lol.). Also I’ve had a headache for a few days, been seeing a physical therapist/massage therapist for pains related to weak muscles/relaxin od from being pregnant etc.

SO, the results…I’m malnourished. One of the tests, the hair, measures nutrients, and the ONLY 2 nutrients I was above the 50th percentile were zinc and one I’ve never heard of before. I’m dangerously low in sodium, potassium, and lithium. I also took an allergy test and JUST LIKE SHE SEES WITH OTHER MS patients I am allergic to wheat & dairy, plus a LOT more.

I have to get back to packing and there is soo much more to share…but I’m going to be changing my diet way more dramatically than I was initially so I’ll be blogging about it here as well as on my website which is http://www.KristinBennett.com if anyone is interested.

Quick list of other things I’ll be virtually eliminating are: soy, almonds, almost all beans, peanuts, eggs, barley, spelt, honey cane sugar, whey. These all were above a 4 on a 1-6 scale.

I’m wondering if I’ll be losing weight too…currently I’m about 175 and about 5ft 7in…

The only foods that were lower than a 2 on the scale for me on this test (meaning they are very safe) are: squash/zucchini, cauliflower, beet, amaranth flour, walnut, pecan, apple, banana, blueberry, peach, lemon, pineapple, plum, raspberry, strawberry, all fish, yeast, coffee (thank god) chocoa, pork, lamb, chicken.

Whew…we’ll see how this goes, looks like I’ll be shopping at PCC from now on!!! I’m also taking Lithium and Vitamin D supplements in addition to my vitamins (yes I take vitamins and came out this low!!). She said my cholesterol is so low too that my body can’t create more myelin, recommended I eat liver for a few days…

She explained that my body is using all the nutrients to fight the food I’m allergic to most likely and so unable to keep any nutrients. We will be retesting in December…so we will see how it goes!!!

Oh, also we’ll be in the new house day after tomorrow…I’ll be packing again now!

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