Who is Kristin Bennett?

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Kristin is remembered for her optimism and passion for making the world a better place for all.

I am a Millenial Mom who was diagnosed with MS at the age of 20. It’s been a lifelong journey on so many levels. I have been compiling these and would love to write a book at sometime based on my 14 Years With MS. One of the biggest things I learned was the need for community, on many levels including the need to talk to other moms dealing with this same diagnosis, and fortunately I was able to create MomsWithMS.org which has helped me a lot through making friends and sharing stories of how we handle things. I have three children who are my Lego Love babies that I love to build things with. I also love building websites and improving them for other solopreneurs and small business owners in my spare time.

I also have a lot of experiences and ideas in other areas which is how I came to love writing, simply put I love to share what I know!

My Favorite Topics To Write About:

Advocacy: I feel strongly about the rights of all people. In particular I am drawn to stand for the rights of youth, women, and people with disabilities. I think that we would all be better off if the homeless had homes, healthcare, and the mental and physical support they need to function in our society.

Business: I function the best when I am working for myself or clients on a variety of efforts. For this reason being entrepreneurial has always attracted me. I enjoy writing articles, building online communities, and coming up with interesting ways to make a few extra bucks. I admire Tim Ferris, Ramit Sethi, and Jen Kushell very much in addition to other people as well, but they are the ones I look to the most for tips and tricks. I’ll share other ones as I find them of course too! Particularly interesting recently is the works of Laloux and companies like Gravity Payments who are establishing a new norm of taking care of employees by raising the minimum wage to living standards.

Community: I have been drawn to community building for as long as I can remember. I did not grow up in a strong community, I think my world of art was the closest friends I had while growing up. I want everyone to feel connected and a part of something. I have started numerous local, national and international communities which are mostly based online including MomsWithMS.org among others. I’m also a member of the CSL community here in Seattle.

Health: As I mentioned in the advocacy, I promote healthcare for everyone. I had my first major interactions with the medical field at 18 after having a stroke (birth control), followed by Heart Surgery and was then diagnosed with MS. I am fortunate in other words to have experienced how bad it can get to be in debt regardless of credit or having health insurance and how this really impacts life I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. This along with my technology background and interest has sparked my Ideas.

Ideas: Ideas are something that come up all the time. I am in the process of narrowing down and focusing but some of them just won’t go away like my “Medical Analytics Fantasy” which will hopefully come about in some way shape or form in the next few years. Also I love to promote the concept of niche defining and marketing to find creative ways to make money with what we are passionate about. If you ever are interested in working with me on any of these ideas please let me know!

Life: This is the personal blog part of this site. I’m a mom with two girls and one little boy that I am raising with my lovely husband. Stories involving them and all sorts of other factors that go into “Life” are what I write about in this section including stories about the hard parts, like losing jobs, a house, and that sort of thing.

Other passions of mine include time with my husband, kids and friends, staying outside in the sunshine drinking cool iced tea, helping other people to feel better about whatever is bothering them, exploring the new and unknown territories of all sorts of things, most recently alternative medicine, and much more.

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I am happy to say that as my kids are getting older I’m having more time to read…so I’ll be adding a lot more reviews as time goes on!

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