Aligned With Universe Today…

Picture of our family...By Kenzie`

Picture of our family...By Kenzie

I’m feeling very aligned with the universe, or at least with my little world today. Today started out with some loose plans to take Kenzie and Hazel to the aquarium…so long as they ate breakfast, and were being good listeners.

They were doing GREAT, and so when Geoff pointed out that I had a midwife appointment I felt a little bad but not too much so because Kenzie had been fighting something the day before so rest would be good plus she usually really liked going to hear the baby’s heartbeat etc.

Then I got a text from Nama that she was feeling better and could, as previously planned then cancelled, come over earlier to watch the girls for a while. I figured 12:30 made sense as that would be after the appointment and they would enjoy the time together before swimming…plus I could get some work done!

It took a few minutes, I think it came together when I was in the shower but I realized…if Kenzie still really wanted to go to the aquarium, it might still be early enough that if Nama was up for it, the four of us could go so I could get everyone in with the membership and then head back to Columbia City by train for my appointment!

So I talked to Kenzie first to see if the aquarium or hearing the baby’s heartbeat sounded more appealing and the aquarium won. Now I just had to check and see if Nama was still available!

She was up for it and soon arrived, I found my membership guest pass and we all went to the aquarium. I explained to Kenzie about listening to Nama when it was time to go (especially since we forgot diapers!) and then went to use the restroom before heading to the lightrail. On the way I decided I might as well check in on foursquare at the aquarium too, (says I’m ten days from becoming mayor!), on my way out of the restroom I had a comment on my check-in already and my good friend Katherine was there too asking where we were!

So I was able to briefly chat with her for a minute before leaving and kiss the girls too. On my way up to the train I soon saw that I’d just missed a call from Geoff, so I called him back and he was almost downtown and was wondering if he could pick me up so he could drop off some papers without worrying about parking and I was of course mere blocks from where he was about to be and so I stopped and waited by the Seattle Art Museum!

My phone rang again and this time it was my midwife’s office calling…it was 10:50 and I thought my appointment was at 11:45, what if it was 10:45 and I was late!! I answered and I wasn’t late, they just wanted to see if I could come early which actually worked out well too since now I would be taking the car rather than the train.

So yes, all in all today has worked out really really well for me!! I even had time to write this post and also look at some other blogs and get posting…now if I can get my main page and categories straightened out…hmm…

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