Amazing Father

I am sitting in a coffee shop right now, only for about an hour while my sweet little Hazel is at her preschool. I’m close to tears and it is comical, because no, nothing happened aside from a wonderful man being here that I was able to witness.

In some casual conversation I heard him refer to himself as “a thorn among three roses” and I learned he was talking about his daughters…I then heard him talking about how wonderful some other women are, I think his wife and/or maybe his daughters.

I feel this kind of, overflowing joy of knowing that the man I married, Geoff, is like this man. I know that Geoff loves our kids more than anything, and would do anything for them. I know that he is present, loving, and thinks highly of them, knowing that while yes of course they are beautiful, they are also brilliant and amazing little people.

I feel grateful to be their mom, his wife, and so much more. I also feel very grateful to have chosen this small local coffee shop as my stomping grounds for the day so I could get this experience.

I’m glad that the Haiku I wrote so so many years ago is less and less relevant to my life:

A lonely rose stands
pretty face without a name
thorns to hide the pain

I used to be that rose, but now, if I’m still a rose at all, I’m more of a rose that this gentleman here described in his daughters…I know that I have the love of and for my family, kids and husband, with me at all times.

Love to all of you!!

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