Americans Hate Smart Babies?

I just read two really disturbing articles about breastfeeding. One of them talks about the long term effects of breastfeeding on the mom in regard to earnings (( The other one talks about how women who breastfeed their babies are perceived as less competent (

What I find the most disturbing is that if one is aware of the research that has been done in regards to breastfeeding, it is a CLEAR benefit to both the mother and the baby to breastfeed for at least six months (

I can’t help but wonder, what subconsciously is happening in the minds of the people who are judging these women? Are they jealous because they weren’t breastfed and are feeling a bit defensive? Were they maybe unable to breastfeed their baby for whatever reason?

I have seen the movie Idiocracy and this feels like it is coming true..

On another note, my chest is looking a bit bigger…I think I had better go home now because that means my little 20mo baby boy is probably feeling hungry about now.

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