Anniversary and Lots of New Mommy Members!

Engaged in 2008...looking forward to wedding

We got married on 08/08/08.

What a great way to wake up!

Today is the 8th of August and marks three years since my husband Geoff and I were married at Colman Park on Lake Washington. While I look forward to being able to celebrate by repeating our honeymoon to Belize (with the kids this time) it is always a celebration as are the day we met, days my kids were born, and so forth.

We had a GREAT potluck/BBQ at our house which was to celebrate our anniversary, new home, and birth of Zazen too!

So when I woke up, Geoff was up and doing dishes while the sausage was sizzling and I saw coffee was already made. I went into the bathroom to ‘process’ the diapers that had accumulated and came back out.

Geoff encouraged me to help myself to the coffee and some of the sausage, which I did, and I then sat down to check on my email. He mentioned I’d gotten a call from a person at the local NMSS and I thought I’d check out to see if we had any new members and did we ever!!

I had a hard time counting on my phone but once I logged on the computer I was able to see that there were 37 new members pending approval!

To compare the average is approximately one new member a day at this point, so this is a lot to have at once! It reminds me of when the article was published in the MS Focus publication about a year ago.

So hello Monday and all of you new members!!

I have not been spending as much time with the site recently since I have been busy with having Zazen, moving, and working on some other ideas/ventures as well.

I am hoping we will get some more bloggers who want to contribute to the blog on the public site!

Special thanks to Katherine Shaw for mentioning us in the article she wrote for Momentum Magazine “Telling your child you have MS” (on page 45)!!

I hadn’t even noticed initially that we were mentioned, in fact not until I saw that was how members found us did I realize it. In fact I had seen a friend of mine a few pages earlier and was celebrating that! Later I saw it was the article but only really noticed that the article was there which I had contributed to only by sharing that I involved my daughter in reassembling the device I used at the time to give myself medicine, didn’t think it went beyond that but am happy to see it did!

Last night I was talking about ways to get the Medical Analytics effort rolling and I’m wondering if this is a sign that I need to stick with the effort or focus on that? We will see.

What would you be more interested in seeing? getting more established or being able to enter data (anyone, not just moms with MS) and see what you have in common with other people? I am also working on starting a local chapter of a youth advocacy group here in Washington, I suppose as is my style I will likely continue to work on all three of these efforts and continue with PTO 2.0 as well…we’ll see what picks up!

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