Are Antibiotics Leading to Autoimmune Disorder?



I realized I had to write about my theories about this after I came across this article:

Bacterial Genome Sequencing Offers Latest Tool Against Diseases –

I was on a mission to learn as much as possible about other autoimmune conditions. It was a late night and I was starting out by writing down as many as I could find, I’d seen headlines that stated anywhere from 60-80+ such conditions existed and so I wanted to get as complete a list as possible. As I was writing, I started looking up information about some that caught my interest and again I started noticing the kind of trends that sometimes make me wonder if I’m either very insightful, crazy, or really really need to get my medical analytics fantasy rolling!

I kept seeing in the descriptions of these disorders that they “might” be reactions to pharmaceutical drugs. I also noticed that there was no real answers to any of them it seemed…it was something that ‘just happened’. For multiple conditions, like MS, it mentions that MAYBE stress or emotional trauma could have impact. In at least one it mentioned….hear this…. antibiotics.

I was talking to my husband Geoff last night about this, and about Quantum Physics/molecular cell structures,The Biology of Belief and the history of our dependence on religion as the rule to science, the ways that autoimmunity reflects much of the state of our society, when I realized it could totally be true for me.

Antibiotics barely work with me at all!

I stopped taking them for the most part years ago. I stopped taking them because I realized that I had clearly built up such an immunity that they barely worked, and that if that was the case the more I took them the less they would work. I would in the past get them for something like a sinus infection or maybe strep throat, take the full prescription, and then days later I would notice the symptoms coming back…and then get prescribed a new round of antibiotics.

Realizing this, along with the context of having seen antibiotics listed as a potential cause of another diagnosis made me realize that it could be another potential cause of MS that I totally can relate to. Now I avoid taking them at all if possible.

What if antibiotics caused my MS?

I don’t know. I am not medically trained, if anything I got my doctorate in wellness from my experience over the last decade as a patient nobody could quite figure out, (exposing how little they really know), listening to naturopaths preach wellness, experiencing the results of dietary changes, listening to and reading the stories of the 700+ moms who have joined my site, and of course getting dizzy watching the information flowing through my twitter account when possible.

So anyway, I still can’t prove anything, but once I get this medical analytics project rolling, I will definitely be proven either crazy or right.

I know what I’m betting on!! What do you think? Please comment or tweet your response with a share 🙂

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12 Responses to Are Antibiotics Leading to Autoimmune Disorder?

  1. Wow. So timely that this ended up in my facebook feed. I also have MS, have somewhat of a history of taking antibiotics, but even more amazing, just got prescribed antibiotics this evening because I had a test come back for e. coli. Ugh. I hate taking antibiotics. But e coli sounds scary. I haven’t really had symptoms – this was discovered in routine testing for my physical.

    Anyway, I appreciate your article. I do believe there is a connection. That’s why I am so protective of my gut health.

  2. Trix Pauw says:

    I also suffer from an auto-immune condtion – lichen planus. This is a skin disease almost like psoriasis and it is believed to be an auto-immune disease. I have to use cortisone ointment, which thins my skin, but it is all that gives a little relief. I think that one of the 4 tablets I take every morning for various health problems, may be responsible. It is definitely aggravated by stress. The most probable culprit is my blood pressure medication, but I cannot stop taking it. I have read that doctors consider this as a probable trigger.

  3. Kristin says:

    Did you take them all before diagnosis?

  4. Kristin says:

    Thank you for reading it, (you too Trix!) I have all sorts of wonderings on this topic, I haven’t had ecoli before what is it like?? I take probiotics as well, I take the ones I link to in the about page.

    I hope the ecoli isn’t bad and the antibiotics are worth it!!

  5. Lucinda says:

    I’ve had Crohn’s disease and Celiac disease for 15 years. My mother has MS, Crohn’s, and fibromyalgia. My grandmother had Ulcerative Colitis. All autoimmune disorders. We are living proof it runs in families. I fear for my daughter.

    Do I think antibiotics cause autoimmune disorders? Not necessarily. Do I believe you can be genetically predisposed to autoimmune disorders that are then triggered by an imbalance in your system from an environmental factor like antibiotics? Sure. Antibiotics mess with your immune system. They create an imbalance because they don’t kill bacteria selectively. They kill the good with the bad and if that happens too often and your body is already susceptible, then we have problems.

    But there are lots of things that create an imbalance. Start with the food supply. Too much sugar, fat, starch, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives. Throw in a few noxious chemical cleaners, air fresheners, perfumes, fabric softeners and laundry dye. Mix in lack of exercise, overproduction of cortisol due stress, and constantly being on alert and your body simply can no longer cope. It shuts down. Your immune system gets confused because it can no longer determine self from not self. It attacks everything and we get sick.

    I hope you can find answers you are searching for. If it were simple, we would already know, wouldn’t we? Good luck.

  6. neo says:

    hi guys and gals , im just learning about autoimmune disease . and i came across this when i was wondering if anitbiotics can be a trigger …..

    all the stuff i have read so far . it is sunday so been stuck reading all week end wit no docs to talk to ,,,

    i have read bunches of stuff because i was trying to figure out the cause , the trigger and need to know what is the retrigger .. must have a re trigger to keep going …

    all of us wondering . i just read the first step and most important ….

    you need an antigen test . 3 main catergories biotoxin . chemical toxin . food based toxins . sumtimes there are 2 antigens …..

    now if you had the condition long time you will need also a detox program to clean out which will take time …..

    sounds like most can be treated with that test , so all my guessing and figureing i finally read that first step thank goodness i tired hahaah ……

    well i read some of your comments thought maybe cud help a tab . i never heard of this or paid no mind to it until like 3 days ago …. if you have autoimmune problem just get the test . th1 and th2 must be equal .

    also i read theres places under strict medical . there doing water fasting 7 to 21 days and a strict diet to a vegan diet and takes away the issues all together …. what the heck is a vegan diet . guess that research next , plants dont sound to fun ….

    well good luck everyone ……….. no ideal what im doing or if any this is correct but is interesting …

  7. Sandy says:

    My son has a rare autoimmune disorder called SAPHO syndrome. He was eventually hospitalized after losing 15 lbs and wasn’t able to get out of bed at the age of 14. Thank God he is healthy now (16 yrs). While in the hospital, they did a blood test for “antibiotic induced Lupis”. This is very telling…He didnt’ have lupis but he had been on antiobiotics for acne as his symptoms were getting worse and worse. So to answer your question…Yes antibiotics can cause autoimmune disease.

  8. Kristin says:

    To all of you who commented here I recently watched a movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” that is AMAZING…I know it is a rather crude title, but my husband came across it on netflix and I have been juicing every day since…the main guy is able to put his autoimmune condition at bay just as I feel that I am doing and I recommend it to everyone whether they are dealing with extra weight or any autoimmune condition!!

  9. Erika Talnagi says:

    Yes, antibiotics (in my case doxycycline) lead to autoimmune disorders. They will destroy your gut/immune system and then yeast/toxins will do the rest, and then u’ll get it. oh and not to mention u might think u eat right, but u don’t if u eat anything from milk!!! So stay away from milk. I was misdiagnosed some years ago and doc prescribed antibiotics for 30 days which I took practically for NO REASON. Those antibiotics destroyed my health. Since this time I suffer every month from yeast infections, after 7y here I’m having rheumatoid arthritis!!!!! And I’m mad as hell. Some doctors don’t know what is wrong wrong with u and all they can do is just prescribe big pharma drugs. About 3y ago I had urine infection and went to homeopathic doc who get rid of it without antibiotics, yes there are other options we just have to find out!!!!

  10. Melanie Richardson says:

    Erika Talnagi, I would like to speak to you further on this subject. I so wish there was a way to interact with one another. I definitely think you are all on to something. I too have an autoimmune disorder- Hashimoto’s Disease. I’ve been doing some research and have found that to really help any autoimmune disorder we have to first detox our bodies and then restore them to a balanced state. All the antioxidants boost the immune system while the antibiotics kill all our good bacteria as well as the bad. I’ve also learned that disease can’t thrive in an acidic state so we need to alkalize it. Something else Erika said struck me- I had just recently heard this and thought “duh”…humans are the only mammals that continue to use milk products in our diets after we are weaned! No wonder so many milk allergies. Ok, I know I’m getting off track. What I wanted to say specifically was that I’ve got a bad sinus infection. In 1998 I had sinus surgery and was and had been on mega doses of antibiotics. Since that surgery I’ve only been on antibiotics maybe once a year or less. Today I read this post and I’ve just been to the doc and she prescribes doxycycline. I took one dose as prescribed and it’s already killing my gut. My question is, if you know you have an autoimmune disease should you take antibiotics at all unless absolutely necessary? I’m really upset because I had JUST finished a detox and now this! Any thoughts?

  11. Cathie says:

    I am convinced that large doses of antibiotics for over 24 hours while giving birth helped trigger my autoimmune disorder. My mother is passed away, had a terrible life after giving birth to me, her fifth child, at 32. She thought I had cursed her, as the symptoms of her RA and Lupus showed up postpartum with me. I had the same thing happen to me at 39, having my first child. They pumped me full of antibiotics and I have never been the same since. It seemed to set my already upset stomach (IBS symptoms) into full on autoimmune flare up mode. I have been seeing a Naturopath and am controlling the flare ups with diet, by avoiding all opioid-like peptides (gluten, a-casein and spinach) and limiting high histamine foods, which rip up my stomach. I am convinced that the killing of all gut flora at least was a factor in my autoimmune issues, which are going undiagnosed as I can’t handle the flare ups that happen when I eat these foods, so there is no way to test me for them. I would rather not know then go through the hell of another flare up, which happen if I eat any amount of those foods.

  12. Kristin says:

    Wow, that makes sense. How long afterwards did you get symptoms/diagnosis?

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