As Seeds Sprout

Arms and legs are tingly
Enough so I don’t drive
So I planted some seeds
In my garden we thrive!

Sprouts are appearing
Especially the kale
Blueberry bush flowers
Even baby snails

When thinning I don’t pinch
I gently ease them apart
planting some where they were
others in a new pot

First time planting amaranth
First scattering the seeds
Then planting little pots
So what they looked like I could see

Three little pots inside
Three more outside
Coffee grounds on all of them
Inside is where they thrived

Same as my daughters
They will likely soon be
Not only loving sun and coffee
But as tall or taller than me

My heart is open
Staying home is fine
Now my arms feel better, it’s funny
I still don’t want to drive

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