Awesome Shirt + Tree Planted…is a BONUS if you love trees like me!

I couldn’t pass up on promoting this offer. I love supporting artists by buying awesome art and I also love planting trees, I mean seriously, I have like, 40 baby trees that I’m personally cultivating in my front yard as I type this! Here is the deal I’m talking about and after that I’ll show you pictures of MY tree babies..

For the month of April DBH will plant a tree for every tee sold from the Eco Collection

I just went outside and snapped a few pictures of my plant babies that are growing into trees…I left out the ones that are actually bushes and the raspberries that I’m working on multiplying for this post. I have been collecting trees for years! After leaving pear trees at a house we left in 2011 and a cherry and plum tree at a house we moved to after that I began just keeping them in pots to care for until we get in a “forever” house. I love that I was born on Earth Day because it rationalizes my mildly obsessive garden habits. I really think it would be my favorite time of the year even if it wasn’t my birthday! Here are some of my tree babies as promised!

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