Baby girl is better!!

Yesterday was so funny…while I was stressing out about my sick baby, apparently she was just fine!! I’d given her tylenol around 2pm (I also drank some tea “Gypsy Cold Care” and also a glass of “Airborne” water which of course she got some of later nursing) and handed her off to Candace around 6am which is about the time I get on the bus…and Kenzie didn’t have any more tylenol after that because her fever didn’t go back up!

By the time she got to the doctor, she was totally normal, energetic, opinionated, and very excited to see an elephant and a brontosaurus in the room we were in. Her doctor is amazing too, he is a well known Seattle pediatrician who is amazing with kids, (good with mom’s too ;)). She’s doing well recovering from her ear infection as well as the fever that was gone by the time he saw her.

Aside from that…I’m going through a lot of ‘thought’ processes…I’ll post that under a different post though, this should be a 100% happy post…I’m SO glad she’s feeling better. Her chest congestion is down too which I’m thrilled about.

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