Baby Noise…

As soon as I have the nerve to start getting domestic, happy about having a ‘home’ and a place to live where Kenzie and I can relax and be happy with our home of the last 2 months after our last APARTMENT that got REFERENCED me once it got turned into CONDO‘s and are now APARTMENTS again…where even after just 2 months I knew a lot of neighbors and they loved my daughter, she was very popular! But like I said…I’ve been blissfully happy that despite other problems I have found a home and I even got a little domestic…even making tortillas as you can see below and then…my phone rang. It was a phone call that made me miss that place, at least the people quite a bit…

…who was it THIS time? The owner of the apartment building I live in, whose manager is ironically quoted in a related link above prior to us meeting.

Tenants above and below are complaining about noise…TV? No, I don’t own one. Music? No, I don’t have a stereo even just a small radio that usually has NPR if anything. The complaint was…baby noise. Kenzie running around too much, being loud too much, crying sometimes at night, that about summed it up. Oh and there was one time a month or so ago, when my mom was in town and vacuuming loudly during the day was mentioned as being something loud that happened in my apartment.

I tried to explain, calmly as I could that my daughter is TWO. She then asked if I could try to run her around outside so she didn’t have as much energy. If I could make her use ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ voices. I explained again, she is two, and that she is a baby just learning about such things.

Not to mention she does not have any kind of reputation for being loud. The things that make her cry are very basic normal things that make kids cry usually enforcing rules or routine, “No you can’t have more candy.” “It is not okay to hit and if you hit me I will put you down.” “Yes we have to brush your hair now” “It is bedtime” this is all extremely normal. She is also learning that hitting isn’t okay, if she hits me then I don’t yell at her, I put her down. If she cries it is because she is sad that I put her down. This is an important learning time and the process of learning the consequences of bad behavior often leads to crying true, and I know also that it will lead to BETTER behavior later and she will be an adjusted well behaved girl.

I’m very frustrated about this, especially considering I have always considered it a MAJOR goal to become very close with my neighbors and I try to have a conversation whenever I recognize anyone. The fact we live across the alley from a BAR and we hear noises all night too, party type noises I find ironic too. Does this mean that the pitter patter of feet is more disturbing than the crashing of glass and loud yelling and laughing of drunk people?

Not to mention, I hear them too, the constant loud creaking of the floor above, the hacking cough and instrument noises below, loud conversations, laughter and chatter up the stairs, down the stairs and in the hallways, extremely loud noise when the fan/heater in the bathroom is turned on. The difference is though, I haven’t complained, I LOVE it, it makes me feel like I’m in a community around other people which is what I want. I value the people around me and I feel safe knowing they can hear me, and I’m sad they don’t think of me and my daughter that smiles at them the the same way. I am thrilled to live in this neighborhood as you can see in THIS post it is a major goal of mine to contribute and be a very active member of this community. Living near the little statue of liberty is so symbolic in my life and what I have accomplished in this last year and I feel like home here. I’m very sad the sound of my child bothers people when she plays at home with me, her mother.

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6 Responses to Baby Noise…

  1. Audrey says:

    Wow, that’s bizarre. I can’t believe the manager even passed the message along. Seems like the only one at fault is those who chose to live in an older building when they don’t want to hear other humans live.

  2. Kimby says:

    It gets more ironic…you will see what I mean if you re-read the first paragraph, noticed some interesting correlations.

    Also…it was the owner that called me, the manager was one of the people complaining about noise (vacuuming) when mom had the nerve to clean up a bit during the day.

  3. runamonk says:

    Don’t let them get ya down, you lived right next door to me and you guys weren’t that loud. Although that kind of stuff normally doesn’t bother me in the slightest hehe.

    There really isn’t much they can do about it when it’s between the hours of 8am and 10:30pm — that’s the law. 🙂

    Whatever you do, don’t get into a complaining match with them, it’s not worth it. Go and talk to your neighbors or leave them a note and just introduce yourself and pass on your numbers and ask that they feel free to contact you should they have any issues.

    Good luck!


  4. Kimby says:

    Thanks Ron…Are you still over there? It’s interesting reading about what goes on…

  5. runamonk says:

    I’m not there. I got out after they upped the incentive amount. I had to be out by the end of October and I just got out. I got really lucky and found an apartment in a little duplex, it’s like being in a house again!

    Funny to see that the apartments are are now apartments again.

  6. Kimby says:


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