Back To School Shopping? (Take 1)

Lots of "Pacific Rose" apples
Wow that was exciting!

I just returned from a small back to school shopping trip for Kenzie. Zazen and Hazel were tired so I was thinking I could carry Zazen in the moby and Hazel could go in the umbrella stroller or the shopping cart depending on if she was asleep or not.

So feeling smart, I loaded up all three kids in the car and started driving, then realized as soon as we got to the store that I forgot the Moby and the stroller (doh!!) I decided to go for it anyway.

I talked to the girls and they agreed to hold hands the whole time, more importantly Kenzie agreed to help me watch Hazel and chase her down if needed.

So I carried Zaz and we went in the store, almost immediately Hazel started running. Only once did I have to almost jog while carrying Zazen, fortunately Hazel agreed to go in the shopping cart.

I felt like a super woman, steering the cart with one hand, carrying baby in the other, and doing my best to scope out what supplies they had in stock!

It was crowded too.

We did make it and got probably about a third of the recommended supplies from the list I found online. I was very surprised that in the huge back to school bins they didn’t have: Gluestick, Wooden Pencils, Pencil Cases, Pink Erasers, or the kid scissors.

We got the important stuff like crayons, folders, and a notebook though. I got her some mechanical pencils so hopefully that’ll fly, it didn’t from what I remember when I was a kid but hey, we will see!

Happy that we all survived with no breakdowns at all I went ahead and got them some goldfish to eat on the way home. My arms are sore but yeah, I totally felt like a superwoman.

I almost forgot, I DID hold off on getting any back to school clothes…I think I can better do that alone after school starts, plus the pants weren’t on sale, which was the main item I was looking for since Kenzie is growing so fast!!

Good luck to all of you who haven’t gone yet and for those of you that have, how did it go for you? Post links to your blog if you blogged about it already!!

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