Bad day? Run!

This was the approach I took yesterday. What started this all was going to Wholefoods to get my little guy some crackers, just crackers, and then unexpectedly having my bank card fail. Not a huge deal since I know I’ll have money soon but what a lame start to the day!

After I dropped him off at school and was trying to focus on my work, I found I was still frustrated by this tiny little moment. I decided that I would RUN.

I went to the gym after this with the goal set to run at LEAST 3 miles, I’m happy to say that in the half hour or so that it took I only stopped once and it was only because my shoe got untied! It was a great way to improve my mood, reach a goal that was a challenge, and then move on to a more productive day.

I am happy that despite sometimes going for months without using it that we have maintained our gym memberships for moments like this…really I think for me the gym is therapy, for years I have used it to force myself out of my head when I get stuck in negative thinking.

Today I am kind of sore from running (or maybe from the kettlebell exercises on Monday!) but overall I feel good. I know that once I’m not sore I can do it again and it will probably be even easier! The mode I had the treadmill at was the ‘interval’ mode and I set the harder parts at 5.5mph and the easier ones at about 3.8 (fast walking) and it worked really well for me. I think I might just do that again one more time then just set it to manual so that I can go for the longer time for as long as I can and then just go slower as needed.

Kettlebells are something that we were doing with the 4-Hour Body techniques we were doing end of last year…and I plan to do that most Mondays and Fridays…because I DO need to tone up a bit.

Here’s to more and more healthy, energetic, and productive days!!! I do have a goal weight that I’m trying to get to before I get my next SPEC scan…here is where I am with that:

I’m looking forward to being able to tell you that I’m there too, I have just a few pounds to go!

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