Ok, after vertigo last week resulting in me falling and scraping my head!!

That hurt when I fell, so I’m hoping for a boring week while i heal…good excitement is ok bit maybe even that could wait a week.

Vertigo was so bad Monday that I stayed home, then on Friday I thought it was better enough that I could do my co-op time as scheduled at Hazel’s preschool…and when I was casually putting helmets on little cutie pies I tipped over and BAM hit my head on the ground….spent most of the day in ER and got my head glued together.

It kind of turned out to be almost like a date night, Geoff helped me out by getting food at Trader Joes, Zazen kept me company, K & H were at a friend/neighbor’s house and I was able to walk out of there…

Anyway, let’s hope this week isn’t so exciting 😉


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