Beautiful Afternoon…We Got Y Discount!!

She was beat after our workout!!

Right now I’m sitting in the car, it’s parked, I am in the drivers seat facing the passenger seat with the computer on the armrests. Hazel is peacefully sleeping in the back (as you can see in the picture) and I have a classical music radio station on (98.1).

I wrote this on Tuesday when we had just came from the YMCA. I brought in an application for both financial assistance and first time membership a few hours earlier….

I turned in the papers upon getting there which included a long letter about the course of our financial situation over the past 2 years along with some official papers too. After this I was given 2 week passes for each of the four of us and told I’d get a response in the next two weeks about membership and what we qualify for.

We happily took the passes, it was just me and Hazel, and I brought her to the kids area. I then went and did a 30 minute workout on the elliptical machine which was hard but I didn’t push it too much so it was doable. Normally I would like to work out in the pool where there isn’t a tv everywhere I look but I wanted to make sure I stayed accessible if Hazel had a hard time.

On my way back to the locker room to change I saw Hazel in the window, she was getting some special attention (teacher was drawing a face on a blown up glove) so I figured I’d see what was up and take her with me to go get changed. She had been having fun but got ‘gently hit’ by a boy looking at her shirt…pretty inconsolable she’d been pulled aside for some love and time away from the other kids. She was fine by the time I got there and definitely happy to see me so we left there, got dressed in the locker room, and went to check out at the front desk.

Blow up glove technique calmed Hazel down...

I had a note on my two week pass that said to stop by membership, so we did that and I was informed that the woman there had expedited the processing of our application and we were approved for a very good discount!

I will be completing the membership information as soon as I have even that much in my account and then we will be set!

In addition to letting me know in person, they sent me an email and let me know, I just responded asking if the discount applies for swim lessons for the girls too as that would be a HUGE help.

Now I will go see if I can come up with some good things to write about for articles to raise money for this membership!!

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  1. Leetah East says:

    That is amazing! So happy for you. It sure is nice when you can get the help you need in a timely manner!

    Found you on the March Blog Hop and am now following.

    Leetah East

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