Been about a week…

So far so good! I found out just over a week ago that I am allergic to a LOT of things, namely wheat (plus many other grains), eggs, dairy, and much more. Also I found out I’m deficient in cholesterol, sodium, potassium, vitamin D, and lithium!!

So I’m feeling pretty good, I’ve been pretty intensely avoiding all the things I’m allergic to which means I’m eating mostly meat (pork and fish) and vegetables. I’m also taking new Vitamin D & Lithium supplements.

It is very difficult to eat out, especially at my favorite places, Mexican Food for example is very tough because I love chips with salsa and guacamole!! Last night I had Chicken Mole which was wonderful, but I did cheat and eat some of the corn tortillas/chips along with the beans and rice…I’ll let myself cheat occasionally so I can survive!!

Fish is the best thing for me to eat, I wish it was easier to buy fresh and keep it longer…I did start taking the fish oil supplements too.

I do think I’m feeling better, though it isn’t particularly dramatic, I have lost about 3 pounds so far too which is nice. This morning I had bacon for breakfast and made oatmeal for my husband and daughter (oatmeal is a no-no for me) I’m feeling just fine and someone explained to me that is because the foods I’m eating don’t have the sugars and so they stay with me much longer than sugar/breads.

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