Biggest Challenge With eBay…

I have been a user on ebay for a long time, most of what I sold was lobby cards that I inherited when my uncle died a few years ago. You can see my profile HERE.

Now I’m carefully getting back into it as an ebay mom that sells things that I don’t need or don’t want and I am reminded of this challenge…

Figuring out the darn shipping!!

I do not have a big stock of boxes but my plan is to start out with the flat rate boxes…for the lobby cards at one point I had a scale and bought special sized boxes to accommodate, I definitely had a system that worked but only because of the uniform size of the boxes that I was using…now with three items listed I’m remembering what a big job this is!

I was at one point a powerseller…I wonder what it would take to get back to that status…? Maybe I’ll shop the post christmas sales and see if I can get some crazy deals I can get some return on…

I don’t like the idea of stocking up on boxes so we will see how long this lasts…or maybe I’ll just only sell things below a certain size, then I can stick to the flat rate boxes…yes I think I like that.

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