I haven’t bought a CD for years, like many/most people I know I buy songs I like one at a time and have a lovely little library!!

With all the recent leadership work I have been doing I have been looking at things in my life and what they represent or say to me about me and of course whether or not that serves me.

I found that many of my favorite songs are angry, disrespectful, and long story short NOT helping me much in achieving my goals! I have been scrubbing my playlist and when I’m in the car listening to the radio. I listen mostly to popular hip hop/r&b stations and am extremely disappointed in the messages being portrayed! It seems a grossly disproportionate number of songs are referencing strippers, groupies either disrespectfully or in a wu that glamorizes the professions to a point of making them seem like a great option for a young lady, as if I need to dance around in my thong to get a guy to love me or something, fortunately I learned that’s not the way it works while I was relatively young but being raised in a generation of music videos and commercials it took a while!!

So skip ahead to the point, when the song by Travie McCoy “Billionaire” came on I was thrilled!!! To hear a clever man saying important inspirational things referencing solutions to big problems and a desire to improve the world is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It’s my favorite song and my 5yo knows most of it and along with her 1.5yo sister dances to it too.

Thank you Travie McCoy for spreading messages of hope, goals, and possibility!!!

I want to be a billionaire too!

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2 Responses to Billionaire

  1. scott juelfs says:

    For more thoughtful Hip-Hop, I recommend you check out Brother Ali, Blue Scholars, or Common Market. Good beats, deep thoughts and socially conscious.

  2. Thanks for the info Scott, I think it is so important to have this kind of music out there…the more it can be promoted the better!!

    I really love India Arie and Erykah Badu as well, The Coup cracks me up too so I keep a couple of their songs around too.

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