Birth Prediction Fun With Math…


My husband figured this one out and I think it makes sense! First off I’m 40+4 right now so already overdue, not having regular contractions and last appt. I was not dilated at ALL.

So patterns…based on my two daughters birth order and dates:

Mom = 1
M + Dad = 2
M + D + Kid1 = 3

He realized the girls birth dates fit the pattern!!:

(Day + 1)/Month = number in family…

M + D + K1(9/26) = 26+1/9 = 3
M + D + K1 + K2(4/15) = 15+1/4 = 4
M + D + K1 + K2 + K3(this one so working backwards to get day… (5×6) – 1 = 29 SO 6/29 is our new EDD


This will make them this many days late…

K1 – was 10 days past EDD
K2 – was 11 days past EDD (sunny side up, may have delayed things)
K3 – would be 6 days past EDD

-fits pattern of being late but not as late…

Plus my next appt is Tuesday, 6/28 and I’ll likely be “swept” into progress a bit.

Was hoping for sooner but this is a pretty fun pattern and would be a cool story to tell!

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