My Ninja Boy Enjoying Last Few Days Before School is OUT.

Almost Last Day of School!!
My son, who up until the last week has been not wanting to go to school as much, has suddenly gotten really excited about school! It is sweet on one hand because of course that makes all of our lives easier but at the same time…it’s almost over! He’s enjoying his last few days as a preschooler, soon to be a big Pre-K kiddo and is going through the emotional swings of what that all means. Some of his best friends will be gone next year, off to Kindergarten, and he’ll be one of the big kids.

I think part of me really thought this would take longer! I remember when he first started at this school and he LOVED it because his sister was still there and of course it is cool if she is there. I was able to enroll him a little earlier than usual even just because they knew he was ready and also excited to be there, plus I was asking for it when I had a job for that period of time. I really thought that the teacher was confused when she asked about how many days he would be joining them for Pre-K…total trip.

Now I get to enjoy lots of fun summer time activities with him and of course my two daughters too! It is looking to be a beautiful summer, and I’m hoping to do a lot more of what we have been doing these last few weeks going to beaches, camping, biking and more!!

Climbing on Rocks
Exploring the Beach (1)
Exploring the Beach (2)
Biking in the Woods

I’m even starting to get a little bit of a suntan!! Time to stock up on sunscreen and aloe!!

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My Sore Throat & NOT Taking Antibiotics…

BraggsI’m not recommending that anyone does any of what I’m about to share, just sharing what worked for me. I am not a medical professional just a mom with MS doing my best. If you know me well, you know that I avoid antibiotics more than just about anything…I know that sometimes they are needed and I’m not opposed to using them in those cases but I will NOT use them as the first resort. For the last few weeks I have had a sore throat. No fever, no swollen tonsils or anything but it’s been noticeable, particularly in the evening. I was finally almost to the point that I was going to contact a doctor to ask if they thought I needed it when I did some research into what might help, and realized I hadn’t used all of what I had available to me. Starting about two or three days ago, I started gargling hydrogen peroxide. I have used it to swish many times for my teeth/gums but hadn’t thought of this. It wasn’t any kind of instant miracle relief but I can tell you that now it is barely noticeable. Another thing that I decided to start doing with more regularity is drinking water with a generous splash of apple cider vinegar. I didn’t drink this after gargling because I wasn’t trying to experiment that much but I was doing both things, and yesterday I even took a swig of the pure unwatered down apple cider vinegar. I figure if it might help, and I know it won’t hurt me, it is worth trying first before getting into the higher risk prescriptions available.

This is an example of how I deal with life. First for weeks I was drinking the Gypsy Cold Care Tea and taking the Elderberry Syrup (which is usually enough) but since that didn’t seem to be getting rid of it after a few weeks I figured that it must be bacterial instead of viral, hence moving on the the Hydrogen Peroxide and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for some direct germ killing potency. I’m happy to say I’m feeling great! Still a bit sore from the recent bike riding but that’s about it!!

That is how I avoid things like taking antibiotics. Thanks for reading!!

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Living Well With Multiple Sclerosis 

I found a theme for my site!! As you may know I have lived with MS for just over a dozen years…which means that most of my adult life has been a an “MS Life” so to say. I have always prided myself as being so much more than that diagnosis but I have realized recently that it is ok. I have this diagnosis, it is a part of who I am and it is always a part of my story. I have tried to get doctors to reconsider the diagnosis and cause for whatever symptom I’m experiencing at the moment but it doesn’t seem that anyone was interested in doing that. So what other choice do I have than to make the best of what I have got!

As passive as I’ve been letting it define me, I have been anything BUT passive when it comes to the treatment with my MS. I do not for example take any of the DMD’s (Disease Modifying Drugs). I quit those about six years ago when I was pregnant with Hazel, and simply never went back on them. I have however experienced some symptoms or relapses (whatever you want to call it) and I have found other satisfactory ways for dealing with them. I find that by focusing on what IS working, and making that part of myself as healthy as possible, the rest seems to work itself out. My biggest triggers have always been stress and so I have addressed that for example by joining a community of like minded positive thinkers via the church that I go to (Center for Spiritual Living) as well as making lots of new friends via the site that I created (also in 2009) for moms diagnosed with MS like me.

I will be addressing my techniques and theories for how I deal with MS and my MS Life more fully in my blog. Please feel free to comment or ask questions because I am happy to know I have some kind of an audience and I want to provide value to my readers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!! Namaste..

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The Four Agreements + Self Mastery

4AgreementsI’m currently taking a class called “Self Mastery” that uses this book along with some other materials to teach us about being our best selves, to “Master” ourselves hence the name “Self Mastery”. I have taken other classes that are on this topic as I’m constantly looking to see where I can improve, I know it is a shocker but I’m not perfect (sshh!!). It’s been interesting because it really seems that each week, which is focused on a different one of the 4 agreements, it seems that I am experiencing extreme examples of how they play into my life. I think those will have to be blog posts to come but they will be linked to here:

1.) Live with Integrity

2.) Don’t take anything Personally

(haven’t gotten to 3 + 4 yet, but soon!)

Let me know if you have read this book and if you liked it.

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New Fitbit!!!

I’m so totally psyched…I lost my Fitbit back in March when I was totally excited to use it for tracking my training for the 5k Run MS when my band broke I was totally bummed! Fitbit support totally came to my rescue though and I had a new band on the way in the mail, while it was on it’s way to me I kept my Fitbit tracker in the shelf bra in my tank top…it worked great for the most part but then on the night before my replacement bracelet band came I completely lost it! I was pretty upset and did a lot of looking for happened at night and so I figured it had to be in one of the two bedrooms but even with my alarms set and me listening carefully for the vibrations I could not find it!

After that I contacted support again and shared my story, I knew it would be kind of a miracle to actually get my fitbit replaced when I lost it but I thought maybe they’d consider it since it happened while I was waiting for the band. I’m completely thrilled to say that they DID replace it and it is on my arm right now…I have it synced to my account and I’m ready for action! I DID do the 5k and am happy to say that while I wasn’t the fastest I DID do it. I’m probably going to sign up for another one just to motivate my training!

I highly recommend Fitbit as their support has been phenomenal, and it’s the little things like being able to set alerts that vibrate through the day that totally help me not just track my steps but also keep me on track when I’m working and need to go do things like pick the kids up from school.

Fitbit Product Family

I’ve gotten a hold of this link that gets you Free shipping with orders over $50 at too! :-).

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Stop Running From Love

StopRunningFromLoveThis is a fabulous book, I got it before I was married as a single mom. It gave a lot of insight into things we might be doing to keep people away, or in my case I was totally one to break up with people too fast.

I was inspired to post this on my blog because my copy of the book, I gave away a few years ago. I gave it to a friend who was telling me about guy troubles and I gave her my copy. I can’t quite take credit but I can say that maybe the book had something to do with the picture I saw recently of her and her husband with a brand new baby!! I’m feeling like opening a book store of all the self help books that I know have helped me and people I know…and this would definitely be a part of it!! Stop Running From Love!!

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Focus Like A Moth

by Melanie Tata, on FlickrI was driving my daughter to school today and found myself thinking about the beautiful simplicity of a moth being attracted to light. It seems so fulfilling to be satisfied by achieving the goal of “finding the light” each night. I imagined if the cars were suddenly attracted to the other headlights and that we could all just sit blissfully together enjoying the fact that we reached our destination, that we went toward the light.

I think the world would be a bit better if we could stay focused on our own inner light…and to be one with our goals so that we are naturally drawn to achieving them. I think I’ll go meditate on are invited to join!

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“Teal” = My New Favorite Color…

ReinventOrgThis is the most motivating book that I have read in a long long time. Fredrick Laloux has captured the essence of a beautiful movement that seems to be bringing the WHOLE person into work, and into organizations. There is a bunch of actual examples of amazing companies that have embraced “Teal” and things like self management and taking what we “do” to a whole new level. I can’t recommend this book enough, the best way to explain its effect on me is I felt like “Everything is going to be ok.” very very inspiring.

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Multiple Sclerosis + Marijuana

Have you tried it? For years I have known that I, as a person diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis could probably get a prescription. I never really considered it as I was under the impression that it was a treatment for just the “pain” that some people with MS experience.

I was surprised to hear my doctor suggest that it might help me.

So I did go ahead and start studying the different strains on and also on support groups that I’m a part of online that deal with MS without DMDs and asked them too.

The general consensus seems to be that the higher “Sativa” and “CBD” strains are the best for relieving symptoms. I also heard they help with things like focus too which I was extremely interested in. I have to say though when I tried those, I really didn’t notice anything though, I figure that it is because I have so few symptoms to ‘treat’ anyway but the CBD’s that come via capsules do seem to help with sore muscles.

The Indica strains, which are higher THC than CBD though worked for me when it comes to sleep..I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes and so this was one benefit/side effect that I absolutely welcome. I use my PAX vaporizer to take it and it works for me, I figure it does help my MS because sleep seems to help with everything..if I ever do get symptoms like pain or spasticity though I will definitely get more into the CBD’s!

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll ask friends/experts to answer anything that I can’t…

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Explaining Child Addiction

Ok, I am writing this because I feel like I’ve figured it out, and I need to share. I have three kids, and it is kind of crazy, all the time. It’s ironic because MOST of my friends are childless…can’t explain that one but I have a lot of single women friends without kids. I find myself sometimes wondering…why did I do this to myself? I have in the past been a wildly independent woman, fully supporting myself (and my daughter at some point), and tended if anything, to AVOID the kind of commitment required of a mother.

I’m sure you have heard about the studies, the ones that say that the whining/crying child voice is one of the most stressful sounds IN THE WORLD. I hear this sound regularly, it drives me nuts and I do not think I have any real “immunity” built up around messes me up!

Yes I have been a mom for nearly 10 years. It still trips me out but it is true, and as I was sitting here, some what frantically trying to get some work done (writing for another site) I hear this loud, passionate, interminable laughter coming from the other room.

Then I just heard an older child explaining to a younger one…”You can’t just press random buttons!!” and I just feel kind of…ok with the world.

Three’s enough, but I’m crazy about all three of them!!

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My 2 Device System…

So I’ve been dealing with having an out of date and hardly dependable phone for a while now…but I think we have stumbled into a solution that is working quite well! In recent weeks (pretty much the last two months since my trip to California) I have had to completely reboot my phone (an Alcatel Fierce) completely…saving nothing…about 5 times. It was driving be absolutely mad! Of course I’d love to get a new phone but I can’t quite rationalize the spend until my phone is either fully nonoperational or I have some extra money. Last time I reset it I decided there would be virtually NO apps on it…no facebook, google inbox, or any of my other regular apps. I now use it exclusively for calling people, texting people, finding directions, and creating my own wifi.

Geoff the local Smartphone Repair Ninja got an iPod recently though that he was able to pass along to me. This is my official second device…the first does a good job at tapping into the network to provide wifi, and from that wifi I am able to use my iPod for stuff like Trello, Facebook, Twitter, Google Inbox etc.

While it is not the ideal solution, I am totally happy with it until I am able pass the iPod to the kids for an iPhone to handle it all in one. It definitely has it’s perks too, for example my life is definitely not interrupted as much by notifications from those devices (since I have to so consciously turn on the wifi so that I can see them) and it’s been great! Plus I have two devices to hand to the kids in the car when they are needing a distraction from each other instead of one.

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