Bone Broth, Sashimi, Crab, Fruit Salad, Happy New Year!!

Today we are welcoming this new year, the end of the first day anyway, with our experiences of food.

For context sake, my husband is about a week into his Master Cleanse, I am working on getting both more into my Paleo and increasing the “flora” in my gut, and then we are both always trying to get our kids happy about eating unprocessed food. Honestly Kenzie has always been happy about both making and eating things like carrot juice but I have not gotten a system down that accommodates for the amount of produce and cleaning that it requires, meaning it is not hard to get them into eating healthy so much as getting a system down to allow them to participate in making it to ensure they enjoy it.

So…with tonight. Geoff, on his fast isn’t eating… We, the kids and I, have been enjoying a rather unexpected benefit of this that consists of him living vicariously through us by feeding us fabulous food!

Last night for example, he made us a LOVELY platter consisting of cheese (two kinds), some rosemary bread, and both apples and pears sliced up…along with my champagne of course.

This was not just a lovely platter, but for me it was a lovely memory of when I gave myself a new years eve just the way I wanted it…it was the end of 2005 and I had a little baby girl named Kenzie. We were unexpectedly alone that night and I made myself a lovely plate of…get this…two kinds of cheese, apples and pears with my champagne.

So I’m happy to say I think we are getting even more aligned as a couple which like I said…I’m very happy to say.

I just bounced back and forth countless times between all the kids and getting them asleep or in bed…so now I don’t really know where to take this post aside from expressing the lovely food that we are being fed!!

Oh yes…now I remember. So, we are starting this year off with the intention of making good food the norm. Not so much the food from New Years Eve, but the food from New Years Day.

I have been following email groups discussions about some fringe paleo groups that talk about raw, sometimes fermented, sometimes even seemingly rotten meat…it also led me to an only semi-relevant book (that I was fortunately able to get through the authors site free as an ebook and read on my iphone) that talks about the value of raw fruits and vegetables…something that I am TOTALLY down with compared to the raw meat which I’m pretty ok with but not completely, and I’m not so sure about the rotten meat, mostly because I’m feeding the kids and also of course am the food source for baby Z so I want to not risk any bad stuff…I’m studying up though so I’m not saying it’s never going to happen! I did taste some raw meat and even some marrow the other day and it wasn’t bad!!

So back to the point, for this year I want to:

1.) Fine tune our sources of food. I watched Food Inc. with Geoff the other day and it is disgusting. I certainly not be eating any meat from any conventional source raw OR cooked. I have been looking at a few farms that sell their grass fed produce online locally and am looking forward to ordering from them to find a way to make that work.

2.) Finding our staple foods…I have a feeling this is something that is going to be very different by the end of the year. We have had the best intentions and pretty good but not great follow through, and I really want to make it better. We are about to go off off food stamps and this means we don’t have to stick to farmers markets and grocery stores. I am looking at getting more food delivered and planning our meals strategically.

3.) Building our tribe…we have long talked about things involving farming, traveling the world, and more. We are looking for like minded folks this year who are interested in living a similar lifestyle this year.


I just woke up and had my first serving of “Bone Broth” that we made overnight…I am enjoying it and plan to make it one of my staples! Hazel thinks it looks “eewwy” though, so it’ll take some time to warm her up to it 😉

Happy New Year!!

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