Book Idea… 2014 (Ending the World)

I had an idea for a fiction book, that is kind of a rare occurrence. Really it is a NON fiction book, written as a fiction book to bring the ways we are bringing the world down to light. The theme would be some kind of evil plot, someone brainstorming about how to end the world or something, and then detail things like numbing childrens brains to fighting early by way of violent cartoons and video games. All stuff that of course is actually happening as I’m typing this but writing it from the context of a plotting to end the world type personality.

It would include things like getting people to fight over stupid things like brands (ensuring that these things, these social markers are valued more than anything of real value), or care about little creatures (think teletubbies) that don’t do or say ANYTHING fully as a means of distracting people from what is happening, and sure throw in some vaccination/disease related stuff too that either does or doesn’t actually kill people, but DEFINITELY gets them all riled up and paying attention to nothing else as needed. Then throw in ensuring that the people who are in charge of the enforcement of rules to people of a lower iq (yet carry guns) and voila, you have today’s world.

So, what do you think? Would anyone read it?

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