Brain Troubles…

I drew this after my stroke at 18.

I have been having a heck of a hard time recently.

Hope that we can keep our house.
If not, that something better will come.
Hoping I can find ways to keep my girls in their classes.
Healthy food in their bellies.
Hoping I can have the baby at home
in a few months, then relax.
Hoping the supplements are safe for pregnancy
help me sleep more, worry less.

Loving my family,
my husband and kids.
Loving the opportunities all around.
Loving my friends.
Loving we are still here.
We are all healthy.
Even if we need meds.
Loving the swimming.
Loving the school.
Loving the growth.
Loving the drool.

Challenges will make us stronger
Good thing we’re strong already
I’m getting tired of being strong though
I was so strong, so strong already
Feels like I’m meant to,
after this do something big.
Glad that I’ll be ready.
Since clearly I wasn’t, already.

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