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As I close out 2014 I’d like to express gratitude. November in particular was a crazy month for me. On November 1st, I hit my head. This wasn’t a huge deal when it happened (or so I thought) but then about 3-4 days later, I had a brain fog unlike any I had ever experienced. I was hardly able to think of words and definitely spelling them was a huge challenge, I found myself repeating words in my head to try and figure out the letters that made them sound like that. I was typing about 35wpm, which for someone usually typing between 70-80wpm was definitely a hit.

I knew this could be my MS coming into play, and I admit I was kind of relieved when I googled “concussion” and found that the symptoms I was experiencing were sometimes found during a concussion too. I decided to go to Urgent Care and they were able to convince me to contact my long lost neuro so I could get an MRI just to “check things out” you know “just in case”.

It has been a long time since I saw my neuro, and it had been five years since I got an MRI. The MRI was taken about a week after the fall, and the visit with the Neuro to evaluate it was about three weeks later. This has it’s benefits in that I don’t usually worry about my MS, and I’m lucky because I don’t usually have very many symptoms, also those that I do have are pretty intermittent. The cons though, are that we don’t know if this all “just” happened when I hit my head or if it has been getting worse this whole time. Here is an example of one of the active lesions, look at the white spot that has almost an aura around it here:

See active lesion in the right side of the picture.

See active lesion in the right side of the picture.

Not to mention the number of other less active lesions shown. My Neuro would like me to start one of the many drugs that are on the market, so that I don’t get so many lesions. Her interpretation of the lesions seemed almost that they are landmines, and that one of them could ‘go off’ and knock me into disability. We decided that I would continue doing what I’m doing, and take good care of myself and then we would see if any change has happened in 3mo or so.

I also had an appointment with my Naturopath, to go over the MRI and get some suggestions about what to do. Interestingly the goals and philosophies of the different doctors were very dramatic, for example the lesions I was told are NOT an indicator of disability. He pointed out that my brain was pretty lit up yet I am doing great (my symptoms went into remission and I’m no longer having trouble walking/speaking). He said that sometimes there are people with hardly any lesions that are in wheelchairs for example.

Life IndiegogoIn the middle of all this I got both my MRI bill, and an email that Indiegogo had started their platform, so I promptly created a campaign to help me cover the MRI bill (which is over $1,000 dollars). Money is really tight right now and it is frustrating to have another big bill like this. I don’t have a “job” and so like the campaign says, any little bit helps!

Some of what I’m doing to take care of myself is to continue with my pretty strict diet of no grains, lots of vegetables and little bit of meat. I aim to eat a rainbow of plants each day and I’m getting reacquainted with my juicer. I am continuing on my Spiritual Journey and am signed up to take a “Self Mastery” class at the Center for Spritual Living. My doctor also encouraged physical exercise, so my bike and the pool I have access to near my house will be getting a lot of attention, emphasis was put on physical activity that forces the two sides of my brain to work together, I might start jogging too and yoga will definitely stay in the picture. I love getting exercise and appreciate having an excellent reason to get more of it!

I’m also reading a great book called Radical Acceptance. This is because I still have a lot of unresolved issues in my life (aka I’m human) and the holidays really bring them to the forefront. The book goes into detail and meditations and more to stay in the present and to not get stuck in the past or worrying about the future. Lots of self love, and it is doing me good so I thought I’d mention it!

Other than all that heavy stuff I’ve been working on clearing out clutter…piles of paper, cleaning the kids room and that sort of thing. Moving so many times in the 8 years since I have moved to Seattle has taken quite a toll and I think I’m about done with carrying around all of this “stuff”.

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