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This morning as I was typing up my post and I had one of those big “ah-ha” moments. I realized that my projects, my big ones, consisting of the various big site projects I’ve got simmering all have one theme in common, my umbrella if you will, which is helping people responsible for raising children so that they can put more focus and energy into doing just that.

The projects I am talking about are the PTO 2.0 (formerly PTSA 2.0), the MomsWithMS Public and Private sites, and the new one that I am determined to create which is for moms with autoimmune disorders.

Up until this point, I felt like they were all different, and that I had to “choose one” if you will, but that really isn’t what is going on, they are all inline with the same purpose which is giving support to people who are helping to raise the children who will be the leaders and the adults of tomorrow. Investing in the future if you will. I am motivated to do this by simplifying the troubling aspects of the lives of the parents I am addressing.

For the Moms with Autoimmune conditions (including multiple sclerosis) it is to help them to find the support they need, in each other first and I see it going beyond at a later point. PTO projects I see as being a key piece of increasing the involvement that parents have in their childrens education. We as public school parents in particular have handed off so much of the responsibility of raising our kids that in many cases we are barely in touch with what is going on, and it isn’t because we don’t care, I believe it is because in most cases the PTO’s of the schools are not tailored to make it easy for parents to help and to stay informed. If we can make it easier for parents to be involved, I believe they will be. We can’t depend on the schools because they aren’t getting their needs met because of the decisions made by voters (parents too?) that funding education is not a priority. I have seen this here locally in Washington, a state I considered smart and educated, in the rejection of the bill to tax candy to fund the education and healthcare of our children for example.

As I am getting more inline with my purpose, or mission if you want to call it that I’m feeling the need to focus this site on that…I will probably start putting more of my content on some of my other sites such as Strawberry Tech Mama, and Strawberry Tech Tips keeping the focus of this site on the investments I intend to make and am making in the future. I might import the other sites at some point but for now this is what I feel drawn to do.

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