Broken Smartphone?

Recently along with all the other stuff he does my husband has gotten certified as an iTech which means he is an iCracked consultant and can replace screens for iphones, ipads & samsung galaxys. It’s been fun to watch him get started and to get his site up, I just set up yesterday. It’s going to be exciting to see if it helps him get some more clients!!

They seem to be really well organized and from a short distance it appears that everyone doing this really is being a part of a ‘team’ set out to make sure everyones phone gets fixed properly. I remember when my iPhone broke a few years ago and I definitely wished that something like this existed! It was a “pool incident” that led to mine getting broke, simply putting on my sweatshirt after getting out of the pool and it fell out of my pocket (doh!). I guess these things happen to all of us sometimes…

So if you are in Seattle and your phone breaks you can reach out to my husband and he’ll take care of you.

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