But What If I Am Allergic? (Test Results Came In)

I did not think I was allergic to anything when I took the tests, I thought I’d be proving that wasn’t the problem by doing so.

…but what if I am allergic to something? When I went back to the doctor a few days later to get my test results I was floored. I don’t remember exactly what my doctor said, but pretty much the last time she saw someone with results like that they were having seizures. That they were similar to a malnourished person from a 3rd world country or something. Also that while many people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are allergic to dairy, most are not allergic to quite this many things…

Allergy Test Results


I showed allergies (an immune response) to just about everything aside from meat, vegetables, coffee (thank god) and chocolate. I’ll post them if I find the original results.


Our body needs a lot of things, the test that I took clearly showed that I was absolutely deficient, almost dangerously so in a number of different areas. This included things like Sodium and Lithium, two things that I’d heard of and never thought of as things I “needed” but apparently I did. Most surprising? I was told my cholesterol, at about 109 was dangerously low. That I needed my cholesterol to be around 160. I started taking high quality vitamins and probiotics.

This actually came at a good time. I’d recently been laid off and we were surviving on food stamps (EBT). So in other words options were already limited. Money spent on food was laser focused on good quality meat and vegetables, and any money I managed to get my hands on went into a garden where I grew the greenest leafiest vegetables that I possibly could, along with some peas and strawberries for the kids to pick of course. It was even better when I learned that the less popular cuts/parts where actually more nutritious, things like the ‘offal’ or organs of these beautiful grass fed creatures like cows or chickens which I found at the farmers market or the local co-op grocery store for great prices.

After about a year of eating like this, avoiding grains, beans, any processed food and more, I was feeling fabulous. None of my symptoms stuck around and I both looked and felt great. I think it was when I got on my scale and saw 140 that I felt I was at my ideal size. I was also getting the smoothies/smoothie mix from Arbonne because as a consultant I had such an amazing discount, I signed up as a consultant to them close to a year prior and was grateful for that added benefit. They are the only personal care products I use (hair/body wash etc.).

Fortunately for me, I started the MomsWithMS.org website and the MomsWithMS.com private community and my husband simultaneously got some more work. Things were still hard but they were getting better.

But how was I able to deal with such a restrictive diet?

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