California and Hawaii Lead the Way on Chromium-6; Some States Standing in the Way

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Here is an article about one of the big problems with the way the united states has responsibilities vary by state. Some people are not being protected from a known chemical that shows up in water all over the country because their local government doesn’t get it.

Julia Roberts is a very popular actress, and the movie about this subject, “Erin Brockovich”, is one that I like to think most people have seen, or are at least familiar with! Based on this article though it appears that either citizens of America are not concerned with the ways we are all being poisoned by these chemicals and methods of obtaining our drinking water? Maybe we like having such high rates of sickness and expensive healthcare?

I don’t understand.

In a perfect world I think all houses would be have top of the line government issued water filtration systems (as would all public drinking fountains) and there would be an alert when they were not working properly. Likewise there would be local soil testing for all districts and people who were going to grow food would be encouraged by way of free testing of the soils and being provided seeds to grow produce that is appropriate for their area.

Healthcare would be single payer, and there would be discounts for people who did things like growing their own food as described above. Discounts for regularly working out in a gym that also had free membership because we are a country that wants people to work out and be healthy. All kinds of health services, alternative and mainstream would be covered 100% because preventative care is most important in preventing most health problems.

Maybe we even all have a health coach who helps us to remember when to go to what doctor for check ups and refilling our supplements and prescriptions. Oh yes, supplements! Supplements would all be required to be made at a higher quality grade and would also be covered by insurance. It would be a huge savings for the country as it would reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs and be MUCH less expensive.

People who did not own cars and instead walked/biked/used public transportation would also be given a special status or discount when it comes to paying taxes because they are a big part of preserving this land and planet so that our future children and generations following can enjoy it.

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