CAM for my MS

CAM for my MS…what that stands for is Complementary Alternative Medicine for my Multiple Sclerosis. It is the jargon that is used to describe using things outside the pharmaceutical options to deal with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. For me it is seeing a Naturopath who specializes in Neurological conditions, another who is also a licenced Acupuncture practitioner and also a massage therapist or physical therapist as needed.

But anyway, that isn’t my point, you can read all about my story anytime by searching this blog. I am interested in hearing about what is working for OTHER people and so I started a new group on Facebook called “CAM for my MS” it, unlike all my Mom sites and groups, is for everyone diagnosed with MS, not just moms. So if you are a man, a woman without kids OR a mom, please check it out if you are interested in Alternative Medicine as a treatment for your MS or if some kind of Alternative Medicine has worked for you.

I have found that my “Alternative” treatments have actually helped me feel better…relieved symptoms, and basically led to my not really even believing that I do have this condition that I was diagnosed with, called multiple sclerosis, sometimes.

Please join the group if you want to know more! I am hoping that it will blossom and maybe even warrant another website…we will see though.

Cheers to being HEALTHY!!!!

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