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I am the founder of many groups, biggest of which currently being with over 525 members internationally and am the national organizer for our national fundraising team that raised over $20,000 towards finding a cure for MS through

I have a lot of big goals that are what I call my second base on the way to making live easier and bringing real data driven information regarding our health to us the way google brought the Internet to us. I see what I’m working towards as a step towards redefining primary care. I can go on an on here but toucan see other articles I’ve written about it on or by googling “medical analytics fantasy”.

My point is that I am just getting started.

I have a lot of skills when it cones to bringing people together, attracting outliers together to form tight niche based communities and support. I do this using community building tools, and various marketing tools such as facebook, twitter and more.

I am saying all of this because while I strive to be as flawless, independent and perfect as possible, I know I have room for improvement.

I have a big goal which is to get to San Diego in mid-October to go through my next level of leadership training. Prior levels of training I have completed have been a part of all the successes that I have achieved as well as that sense of self acceptance and drive that has been improving in leaps and bounds.

I am short $2,500 to pay tuition and am also raising funds toward bringing my daughters with me this time so money towards plane and hotel would be some lovely icing on the cake, and I am humbly asking for your help.

You can help me by donating towards my tuition either by calling John at Klemmer (707) 559-7722 and paying them directly or sending what you wish to contribute to me by wire/paypal ( or some other means. My phone number is 206-351-5748.

If you know anyone looking to build a community presence online for a club, neighborhood, niche or support group i can help with that in exchange for financial assistance as well. I am well versed in using the modern tools and technology of the web today and can really help you or your connections if you are interested.

I am also very interested in speaking to groups interested in my stories of dealing with MS, surviving as a troubled teen and flourishing, bringing people together and why community is so so important to all of us.

My next steps are to make the projects I am working on supported and providing for the people in new that I am here to serve while also paying me for my efforts so I can support my family. I the only thing standing in the way of what we already have and taking it to the next level and getting through this training will bring me one step closer.

I am really good at giving all I have and neglecting to ask for support in my endeavors, now I am asking for help and in exchange I would be HONORED to help you.

I can be reached at: 206-351-5748 or

I thank you on behalf of me, my family, my friends, and everyone else who will benefit in dealing with me and what I am able to create from this in the future.

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