Carrot Juice vs. Ice Cream

I am about the proudest mommy ever right now…Kenzie and I had agreed today, after leaving the mall to stop for ice cream. Soon after she told me she had to go to the bathroom, so after a long ride home to go potty then:

She said “I want Ice Cream now.”
I said, “How about we make carrot juice instead?” (here is the cool part….)
Her: “Carrot Juice?! YAY!!!”
Me: “Do you want to have Carrot Juice instead of ice cream?”
Her: “Yes!” … and she ran to the kitchen.
Me (after we made it): “Carrot Juice is way better than ice cream any way isn’t it?”
Her: “Yeah, it is better.” (with a big grin)


So I went ahead and let her drink it out of a nice glass to make it even more special, she is so wonderful!!!

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  1. Darlene says:

    I agree on you. Children like ice cream very much. But if you start practiced vegetable and fruits to drink or to eat. They can used to it until they grow old. They always remember what are the like and dislike the made. It’s am matter of discipline.

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