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Many of the opportunities I see and experience in the world involve Technology. As a digital native I love it all, and enjoy watching how the new technology makes use of old data in particular, giving it all a whole new meaning. I also enjoy teaching the subtle benefits of keeping up with the latest especially when it comes to social media and strategy.

My 2 Device System…

So I’ve been dealing with having an out of date and hardly dependable phone for a while now…but I think we have stumbled into a solution that is working quite well! In recent weeks (pretty much the last two months … Continue reading

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Medical Analytics Fantasy

I Dream of Applying the Growing Web Analytics to Medicine Someday (Originally published on Aug 17, 2010 by Kristin Bennett on Associated Content/Yahoo) After reading through the current issue of WIRED I have been fantasizing about what could be if … Continue reading

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Google Mapping Human Body

I didn’t see any part of this mentioning anything about the use and subsequent build up of chemicals that are used in personal care products and correlating that with any health issues that may arise. Continue reading

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Tools I Use

Alright I’m finally doing a blog post about it. I’m constantly offering advice on facebook, in chats, on the phone and more about what tools/sites and more to use for whatever purpose is being discussed. I’m sort of one of … Continue reading

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Before I Blogged (flashback!!)

After making my first online professional profile page (I love it!) I found myself looking up logos for companies that I worked for in the past…then that got me looking up some of MY old sites (like this one, … Continue reading

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