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My Sore Throat & NOT Taking Antibiotics…

I have used it to swish many times for my teeth/gums but hadn’t thought of this. It wasn’t any kind of instant miracle relief but I can tell you that now it is barely noticeable. Another thing that I decided to start doing with more regularity is drinking water with a generous splash of … Continue reading

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I Am Not Allergic To ANYTHING!!

“I have a stomach of steel” I used to say, it seemed I could eat a much wider variety of foods than other people without getting gassy (or worse!) and so when I was at a workshop that was teaching … Continue reading

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I <3 my Epsom Salts!!

Man, last weekend, just prior to moving into our new house I tweaked something in my back…it happened when I lifted my son either to the sink to spit out his toothpaste or when I set him down on the … Continue reading

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Prayer + Massage + Brassica = End of Pain Chapter!!

Enough with the Chapter posts! Ok I know, I’m really excited though! When I embarked on I had no idea how fast it would be over! I jumped right into getting some Natural Treatment options including Mayan Uterine Massage, Craniosacral … Continue reading

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CAM for my MS

CAM for my MS…what that stands for is Complementary Alternative Medicine for my Multiple Sclerosis. It is the jargon that is used to describe using things outside the pharmaceutical options to deal with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. For me it … Continue reading

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