Chalk + Bus Stop = Peace…

Yay!! I have another strategic mom WIN!! After a few days of actually making it a few minutes early to the bus stop for my oldest daughter to go to school I was freaking out…the kids, little ones in particular wouldn’t stop RUNNING AWAY which is really bad since the stop is at an intersection of two busy streets. It was yesterday I think that I had an “AH-HA!” moment…I decided to try chalk…I knew we had some somewhere but didn’t remember where. Fortunately I was able to ask Geoff on his way out the door and he found it in the trunk!

It was a total success…and I’m hoping to go get a picture of the artwork that resulted in a little while and add it to this post. Kenzie drew a sun and some flowers with a “Come Back Sun” message on it…Hazel drew a moon and some characters who I think were flying a kite…and then the bus came! So yes, it worked. I did have my little guy on my back but hey, he stayed happy! It will be perfect if he is equally happy drawing on the sidewalk with his sisters…or stays happy on my back, being nearly 2yo he is turning into a FAST runner!!

Here’s to hoping that this can be a regular morning routine that keeps these kids SAFE and that the business located where the sidewalk is doesn’t mind the artwork out front…




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