Chard is my favorite raw vegetable to put into my smoothies these days. For both my morning and lunch smoothies today I put about 4 chard leaves into the smoothie along with some pure cocoa powder, chia, and smoothie mix. My second smoothie I used the green tea that I had not yet finished too, I didn’t taste it but I love the health benefits of green tea so I figured it was a win win.

I have noticed that a lot of people don’t seem to know what chard is, which surprises me because it is such a big part of my life, and is almost as easy to grow here in Seattle as kale is. Chard is often with a red stem and green leaves, it looks a little bit like rhubarb to people unfamiliar with it but it is actually a lot different, it is smaller, shinier, and you can gobble it up raw, it has a very easy texture which is what makes blending it so easy. If I had the Vitamix that I want I would be using kale like this, but my blender can’t quite handle the stems…I love the chard too though so who knows, I may just stick with it even if I do get the Vitamix :-).

I am going to plant some more chard soon too…I have to find my seeds though. You can see in this post from last year that I was going to collect some of my chard seeds but I don’t recall if I ended up doing that or not. I might just go buy some.

I <3 Chard!! You can see some great pictures of chard and the many colors it comes in here.

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