Charging, Earning, Losing & OH MY!

Blackberry_nPpI am so so excited that it is finally on it’s way… I was about to try an invent something like this, and someone tipped me off about nPower and WOW It does. It totally exists. I am SO SO excited.

So many times I have been about to leave the house, to walk the kids somewhere or maybe go to the store, when I realize that my phone is close to dying. When this happens I only previously had a few options:

1.) I could leave the phone charging, at least I’d have it when I got back.
2.) I could just bring it, not use it, and hope that it lasted if I needed it.
3.) I could bring the cord with me so I could plug it in upon reaching destination.
4.) I could drive instead of walk, and plug my charger into the car so it charged while I drove.

I’ll be honest, usually in this situation I went with #4!! This is HORRIBLE because it meant that instead of taking a quick (or not so quick) endorphin raising walk, getting exercise and fresh air, I chose to sit in the car, a slave to the method of charging my phone battery.

So what is this thing I’m so excited about? It is a kinetic source of energy that can charge my phone. This means, that as I carry my PEG, and it is connected to my phone, I am actually CHARGING it with my steps. You know that gentle sway when you walk? That’s it! That is where the power comes from!

I am so so excited…even more exciting? I just signed up for EveryMove so I can also earn cool things with the activity I engage in…I can just see those extra pounds shedding away…then I can use my phone to post my happy status updates!!

Last but not least…since you got all the way through the post, if you want to order an nPower PEG too you can click on the picture above and use the code I have for free shipping! (just enter it into the Promotion Box when you are checking out!) Free Shipping Code: HP6YPLRZ

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