Chinook Book Journey Countdown…15 days left

Project save some money continues!! If you need a reminder the Chinook Book is a local book of coupons that is sold for charity, I happened to get one that is about to expire for free at an event hosted by NBIS and from NRG Insurance (Thank you!!) which motivated me to give it a try and see what I can do through the end of the month to earn back what I would have spent on it! I’m also in the middle of selling them to raise money for Pinehurst K-8 too so I’m also doing this so I can point at these posts and say “look it’s good deals!!”

So today after my husband got home from work and said he needed to go get an axe and some food for dinner I handed him a stack of coupons I thought might be useful and here’s what he saved:

$.75 on Theo Chocolate
$.75 on Endangered Species Chocolate
$1.00 on Wholefoods Pizza slice
$5.00 at Ace Hardware where he got an axe and saw to handle the wood left over from the tree that was cut down last week!

So if you add all of that, which is $7.50 today to the $3.99 the other day, we are up to a grand total of $11.49 being saved so far which is already more than half of what we would have paid for the book!! I’m totally thinking this is going to be SO worth it.

I went through the book and clipped way more coupons today too, I’m trying to get more strategic…see I buy things like coffee, plant stuff, quite a bit, and I’m always looking for a good deal on Groupon or LivingSocial for massage/waxing or something like that too. So I went through the book like I was shopping and clipped coupons for stuff that I would probably buy anyway, and felt really good about it because usually I go to places like, well you know, Starbucks for coffee, and I feel SO much better shopping locally! So I have a whole stack of coupons that are 2 for 1 coffees and I’m thinking it is time to set up some meetings so I can offer lots of people a cup of coffee!! I’m going to be getting as organized as I can with this and looking at the date…I only have about 15 more days for most of these coupons…a few do last through the end of the year, transit for example puts in about four coupons for buses and four for ferries, so those I can wait on, but yeah…I gotta see how I can optimize my habits to utilize the most savings!!! Kind of fun!!

Remember if you are in the Seattle area and would like to join me on this journey, I’m selling the 2013 Chinook Book online benefiting Pinehurst K-8 which I also recently created a few sites for, as well as to rally support of the school which is in danger of being ousted by the Seattle School district…click those links for more info and you’ll see what I’ve been busy with recently 😉

I’m thinking at the end of the month I’ll put the amount that we have saved into a family savings account…or something like that, I guess maybe I’m turning into a coupon mom or something!!

Another exciting win of the last week was realizing that I can print pictures that I have on Facebook or on my phone at Target…and that I can choose the higher quality “1 hour” printing and it still only takes about 5m if they aren’t busy 😉

Again Seattle families who want to join me in this please buy your Chinook Book from me and contribute to Pinehurst K-8!!

As of today for my 2012 Chinook Book I have 15 days to make the most of it!!

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