Cholesterol Too Low?

I’m kind of frustrated, the kind of frustrated when I think I’ll grab some quick info online and then I can’t find it. I have low cholesterol levels, about 109 last time I was tested, and it’s recommended that we have “at least” 130. I see lots and lots of information about too much statins, controversy about how bad (or not) cholesterol is but not about what to do if it’s too low.

Should I look into a co-blood transfusion with one of my high cholesterol friends? Mutually beneficial no?

Furthest I’ve gotten is that meat products might do it, and keeping my liver healthy helps…so I’ll sip my detox tea and then pick up some more meat at the store later one maybe, for tomorrow since I already had my one meal today.

Glad it’s a nice sunny day so I can think about other things.

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