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Moving is a lot of work, but sometimes we gotta just do it!!

Moving is a lot of work, but sometimes we gotta just do it!!

Moving is a lot of work, but sometimes we gotta just do it!![/caption]In one week, we will no longer be living where we currently reside…the pressure is on, the purge is in full effect. Wednesday, for example there are more than 10 bags of stuff being picked up, and that doesn’t count all the stuff we are trucking to Goodwill every few days. I might even be throwing a few ads up on craigslist this week. Does anyone like that “Crystal Noir” perfume by Dior? I found two of my old bottles that I haven’t touched or used for quite a while…Some other really old stuff like 45’s too. Today’s lesson is this:

Many hands really DO make lighter work. I was sort, sort, sorting stuff, mostly kids clothes for a large part of the day, with G & F grabbing the full boxes and either moving them or bagging them up for donation. It made the process move soo much more smoothly than when I’m trying to do it all myself, when not nearly as much gets done.

We also saw a place today that is for rent that totally meets our needs so my fingers, toes, eyes, and hair is crossed for good luck with getting it. It’s a great building, location, building, and more.

I hope the rest of the week goes this well and that I’m able to update our address soon!!! Maybe I should go get a PO Box?

I suppose I should mention that last week was an interesting mix of ups and downs…we found a place, and I thought I found a job but then both fell through kind of abruptly and very surprisingly…hopefully whatever energy was flowing that made that happen will repeat, but sans the falling through part this week!

I look forward to all of this happening and hope we get some more history lessons like the one we got tonight…:

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