Cow Tongue

So yesterday’s meat experiment was the cow tongue. My daughter just described it as:
“I didn’t like it, but I liked it a little.”
I prepared it after glancing quickly over a few recipes in between diaper changes, unlocking computers and breaking up arguments between the kiddos.

Most recipes basically said to boil it, and they had a variety of things they added to the water to make it tasty. I ended up boiling it with garlic, garlic salt, carrots and thyme. I was hoping to keep the broth to make with the pork hocks too but Geoff found it and was grossed out before I had the chance.

To serve, I basically just grabbed a half of the tongue (I’d cut it in half while it was boiling so it would better fit in the pan) and then peeled off the tongue skin (girls fed that part to the chickens) and cut up the meaty part in the middle. I did it right on our wood counter and just handed the girls forks with meat on it as we were in a hurry at this point to leave the house to get to a party.

The meat wasn’t particularly good or bad, I will probably get it again but mostly because it’s edible and cheap than anything else. Maybe if I find an excellent simple recipe I can cook it another way, for now boiling is it though because I’ve got three small ones to keep entertained at the same time!

Coming up next? Probably the Pork Hocks and then the Beef Heart…soon to be followed with the Pork Kidney’s. I had delicious lamb last night at a party so I think I’ll wait on the lamb shoulder chop…I know that one will be good 🙂

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