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I bet you didn’t know I am crafty! I think that I had nearly forgotten this fact about myself when my daughter asked to be a part of a craft fair. I did that, with the intention of us splitting a table to sell our wares and then prompty realized I had better make some stuff! I decided that I would focus on creating some….


What Grounding Flair means to me, is basically some ‘flair’ ala Office Space, that instead of driving you (or others) crazy provides a GROUNDING energy. The way that the majority of my items do this is by utilizing natural materials, there is a lot of hemp string, stones, stone beads, wood beads, ceramic beads and lots of calm energy that goes into making these flair items that can be attached to a key chain, a zipper, belt buckle, purse, or anything else that you would like to put it on. I do this by using a tiny layered hoop that is basically like a keychain in that it can be put onto either a larger (standard) keychain or a number of other findings.

I love to make custom flairs too that have things like the first initials of children:

Initials of best friends or significant others:

Special stones or rocks that have meaning to the recipient (example here is the raw amethyst in the middle of the flair piece:

Next weekend I’m going to be at the Center for Spiritual Living Craft Fair and will be offering these items along with the beautiful band creations of my daughter, you can see how her “bees” and bracelets are displayed in this picture:

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